Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Is there scope for shariah in Australia?

This was a helpful event for me to think through this issue and I want to thank the Muslim speakers for being involved.

In summary I said:
1. Muslims already have a huge amount of freedom in Western countries.
2. The aspects of shariah that are forbidden are forbidden because they are degrading.
3. We must not be in denial about what the Qur'an and Hadith teach.
4. We must listen to those non-Muslims who have had to live under shariah.


Tom said...

WHY is it so difficult to ask the question " How many wars OR battles did Jesus lead His followers into"?

This perversion that muslims try to infer that Jesus had a "militant" side must be tackled very vociferoulsy!!
Eg., show us the verse that Jesus has indicated.. "That use your wisdom when you go into battle with you enemy, if there are more of them, put down your swords and live to fight another day!!!!!!
These muslims are making things up as they go along and we are not smacking this stupidity down once and for all!!!
AND please ask these muslims to explain the story of David and Goliath... David was outnumbered and yet he stood up and fought and here we Have Jesus The Son of God backing down??

If that was His mission, when there is clear and ample evidence there is persecution of HIM and His People, would the God of Abraham not step in??
I am sure you have better responses to this utter satanic perversion from these muslims!!!

akairey said...

Green was too timid, made a few good points, but timid.
The two muslims have NOT lived in a sharia country nor have their wives because they wouldn't be saying that minorities are treated equally when all you have to do is READ the newspapers on CHRISTIAN persecutions going on in EGYPT. CHRISTIAN pastors being held in jail for apostasy in IRAN. The sheer ignorance of these two reminds me of the "STEALTH" jihad, until it grows into pure utter chaos! SHARIA should NEVER be allowed into any westernized republic/democratic country unless it wants to see itlself die...wait..the U.K., Sweden, and France are on their way!!! As the taking Luke 19:27 outta context, that's a typical muslim! As far as saying their prophet marred a Coptic Christian, was she not forced into Islam. What pissed me off more than anything was saying that Jesus was practicing ISLAM!!! WHAT A FARCE!!! THis review was just on the first video!

akairey said...

I'm astounded by the twisting of history in these muslims minds!!! I will agree that the CATHOLICS did have the SPANISH inquisition, but as Green stated, it was to reverse what Islam had done through the centuries. Also Green did make it a point to state WHO had the longest record of slavery in the world, yet it is barely mentioned in history, because ISLAMISTS know that its a scar on ISLAM. Slavery is STILL practiced today, through sex slaves (in Virginia) and other countries. I surely hope one day WOOD will debate these two clowns! They need a good whooping, metaphorically, because we Christians use our minds rather than brute force to make a point.

Tom said...

Yes, I must confess that I could not get pass the first 15 mins of the first video, as there were so many fallacies that these 2 muslim militant brought up that was not given a right good smacking!!
They keep saying that there are many opinions on sharia and its implentation and yet they like to have sharia implemented in its messy, unrectified form!
They dont even have a standard body where they could go to rectify this mess.
(I understand that when there is this volume of lies that are brought in by these militant muslim, it can be daunting)

WhatsUpDoc said...

Why could the not invite David here.

Prophet Married Copt christian!!! what a joke he had sex with her as a slave. He came to have sex with his wife Hafza she was not home so he got in on with Maria and got caught by Hafza. Real Taquia here

ignatius said...

I haven't listened to this this discussion yet, and I don't know if I will. The mere fact that such a question can be discussed in a serious manner chills me to the bone.

gabriella oak said...

These people are such blatant liars, and the so called Sharia expert didn't even know which Sunni school Sam's manual represented. He only had four to choose from and he still got it wrong. Do Muslims actually feel proud to be represented by such people? It's just baffling to me.

goethechosemercy said...

This perversion that muslims try to infer that Jesus had a "militant" side must be tackled very vociferoulsy!!

Jesus was militant only in the eyes of those who crucified him.
Indeed, Muslims would try every trick the Saducees and Pharisees tried on Jesus. And in the end, like them, the Ummah in all its glory would have humiliated and crucified the Son of God to save face.

goethechosemercy said...

Former Muslims and non-Muslims who have lived under Sharia, along with the implications of the written texts themselves, must be absolutely authoritative here.
Muslim views of Sharia are errant for us because under it, Muslims are the privileged, colonizing group. They are the imperialists. We are the indigenes of the West.
We must take seriously the warnings and thinking of non-Muslims living in Muslim countries!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see that the Muslim speakers are trying to have a lend of us.

cheryl_maree said...

I have judged Islam I do know what they teach, don't want no part of it. These 2 muslims two step around the questions, like all muslims, they are both liars and the TRUTH is NOT in them!

Hazakim1 said...

I love Green but I don't like to watch him in debate. He comes accross as timid. Let Sam or David do it.