Thursday, June 13, 2013

Criticism of Islam is Racism?

This video is an excellent illustration of the epic lack of critical thinking ability among many in the U.K. Virtually everyone who speaks calls Tommy Robinson a racist, yet they can't produce a single example of a racist comment by him. British culture has been indoctrinated to think that Islam is a race, and so any criticism of any Islamic teaching is an instance of racism. When the absurdity is pointed out to them, they shout over Tommy and go on talking about his racism.

How do you reason with people who have lost the ability to reason?


Foolster41 said...

Is this what passes for "news" and "discussion" in England? They hardly let him talk and defend himself, and kept calling him a "racist" without explaining in what way he is (and the audience applauding all this like zombies). This wasn't a discussion, it was an ambush and an assassination.

gspencer said...

You cannot argue intelligently with those who refuse to be reasonable. The left is nothing if not a gaggle of nattering nabobs of negativism of anything not invented in their little heads. So they repeat, mindlessly and endlessly, their chants. We saw it in this video. "You're a racist and that's that."


Tom said...

Dearest Tommy,
Jesus was a voice in the "wilderness", and He has prevailed HUGE!

Yes I agree it was a well planned ambush But a poor attempt at assassination, which decent humans will see through!!

Keep the Fight and have faith in the sensibility of the true freedom loving British public to prevail, mate!
The God of Abraham Protect and Bless you.

TAREK said...

It is breath taking!
Hello Dr. David!
It is amazing to see and hear that millions of people cannot differentiate between religion and race. I wish I was there to ask a simple question which is: what race is islam.
As far as I am concern I don't think religion has a race, since islam maintain that it means allah has a colour. So muslims what color is your allah please? Muslims muhammad sold two black slaves for one white slave from sahih al-bukhari. Muhammad was racist. Please defend this muslims.
Please Dr. David give another chance to Mr. Ussama, so that he can answer to our questions if he can. My request Dr. is not an obligation, you know him better than I do. If you think he is not helpful on this blog please feel free to continue blogging him.
Thank you Dr. David and MAY GOD YHWH BLESS you and your family IN JESUS' NAME AMEN.


Radical Moderate said...

Tony did a excellent job of trying to keep the racists on track.

I find it interesting that the only people mentioning race where those accusing Tony of being a racists.

Over and over and over again we heard about white people killing the brown Muslims.

So in there white racists minds all Muslims are brown people.

Joe Bradley said...

The Bimbo said: "I want harmony in this country"

The Bimbo and her friends are living in a Fool's Paradise if they think they can ever get harmony from Muslims. They can't even get along with one another.

Unknown said...

After watching this video,I have come to the conclusion that the British are toast! The liberals and the Islamists have ganged up against rational and sensible thinking British people.
When did Islam become a race? I think the British people deserves whatever destruction happens to them since they love reality TV, soccer and alcohol more than their country and children's future. It is a shame.

simple_truth said...

Dear God, Is there any help for these dimwits?

This political correctness/liberalism stuff is going to take the Brits down. That also goes for any other country that thinks and reacts like that crowd did.

How shameful!

Highty toxic to the intellect and mind!!

To any liberal minded people who may frequent this site, I ask too: what did Tommy say that was racist? What have you heard from the representatives of the EDL that is racist?

Anonymous said...

Islam has members of all nationalities and colours, including white Europeans, so for its proponents to call the criticism of Islam 'racism' is absurd and without logic.

Rocky man said...

Islam is evil ideology,It is high time we put up against it,otherwise our children will be buried alive, and they will be ashamed for our indifference.

morticiaa said...

thanks for this post
It makes me want to donate thousands to EDL
and indicates how seriously far down the dhimmi road the majority of folks in England are, and we are on the fast track in the same direction in Canada
Never Surrender,
Brave soul

John said...

The views you see expressed are self - selecting: the BBC has an extreme liberal left wing bias and attracts people with such views. The vast majority of English people do not agree with the tripe spewed up on this programme. If they were allowed to hear Tommy Robinson express his views without a chorus shouting "racist, racist" at him, they would agree with him. But theirs and his views on Islam are prevented from being expressed by the politicians and the media. Don't gloat, this kind of suppression of free speech is coming your way very soon (in fact I think you'll find it has already arrived).

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Precious Apostle Paul warned us in 2nd Timothy 4:3 about those who will not listen to sound doctrine.

Tommy's teaching is about as sound and logical and reasonable as can be found yet the broadcasters of this video have scraped together an audience that revels in irrationality and will listen only to what their "itching" ears want to hear.

Even Jerry Springer would be nauseated.

No, these rabble do NOT represent the people of UK but those who have been on the sidelines had better speak up - NOW if they want anything of Great Britain to remain.


40BelowTrooper said...

What Britain needs is a vocal group whose members are comprised solely from "ethnic minorities" to go on an aggressive offensive against Islam's ideological base. I'm thinking, individuals with enough melanin in their skin to take the teeth right out of the liberal/PC charge of 'racism'. I dare any self respecting white liberal Brit to stand up to someone of Jamaican or Middle Eastern heritage and call them a 'racist' in public. Not going to happen! Ever! Patriotic Brits of color, where are you?? Organize and fight for your freedom and liberty. Your group would be an Islamist's nightmare in the public arena.

Joe Bradley said...


In theory, that would be a fantastic idea and, if one was dealing with reasonable and rational human beings, it would work exactly as you have stated. However, liberal/progressives are NOT members of the aforementioned as is witnessed in the video.

While the EDL continues to, rationally, make its case against Islam, liberals and progressives are left with demagoguery since there is no rational or reasonable argument in support of Islam. One of the tenets and justifications of liberal mob-ocracy as related to Islam goes something like this, "A billion fools can't be wrong".

As far as sending in ethnic minorities to mount an ideological assault on Islam, this is the way the liberal/progressives take care of independent minority and women thinkers in the United States. They commit a strident character assassination and constant Ad hominem attacks against such people (if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it to be true), all the while demanding that they "get back on the plantation" and give up their high-minded notions of thinking for themselves. Typically, throughout the South, this mentality was responsible for physical slavery which is now being replaced by ideological and political slavery. This tactic was used against Tommy Robinson by the dingbats in the video to attempt to intimidate and silence him as well as all criticism of Islam. It is irrational, however for politicians, it is effective because it makes an ugly noise. However, I don't get the sense that the EDL is up for elected office so the tactic of name calling probably will not work.

JBaker45 said...

Are people in the UK so boneheaded that they can not tell us what race Islam is and still call an Islamic critic a racist?

Carl said...

"Anti-racists" are completely disgusting. I used to be one, and I'm deeply ashamed to be associated with people like this. I am very proud of Tom Robinson's ability to maintain himself when under such ferocious and irrational attack.

Although I've noticed that many critics of Islam, even though they are victims of people shouting "RACIST!" at them, still hypocritically denounce other people as evil racists with equally as flimsy reasons.

rui said...

Unfortunately, Tommy seems to forget that it's not evidence these "people" are after. They will not change their preconceived ideas about the EDL and racism, Islam, etc.

Debating leftards is more pointless than trying to reason with a table.

Blockbuster said...

To can tell from their faces that the majority of them are not native British, or white trash against a brave British soldier

Christian A. said...

Two Christians Unlawfully Arrested in Ethiopia for "Crimes Against Islam"

International Christian Concern recently reported that two Christian men were arrested inseparate incidents in Ethiopia.

The men were detained by local police for "crimes against Islam" even though no such crime can be found in Ethiopia's penal code.
In late March, Alemlayehu Legese — a student at Dodola Mekane Yesus Bible School — was arrested by police in Dodola after admitting to having literature that described the history of Islam from a Christian perspective. When Legese left the literature in question to be professionally copied, a Muslim employee contacted police; Legese was soon imprisoned, but to date formal charges have yet to be filed against him.

In late May, Tamirat Woldegiorgis, a Christian living in Moyale Town, was arrested supposedly in connection with a previous sentence he served from 2010-2012 for "crimes against Islam" after allegedly writing "Jesus is Lord" in the notebook of a student attending a local madrassa.
Woldegiorgis was recently released after he paid $5,319 in bail and was scheduled for a court hearing in June.

Deleting said...

I couldn't even watch it all, that's how disgusting it was.

England is falling to pieces because of leftist idiots who take a base definition of 'racism' and do what they accuse this man of-being racist.

The true question, and you'll never get them to consider it, is what does the core tenant of religion teach. If it does teach violence, then He's not a racist.

I wouldn't want anyone to have them or their family to he killed or hurt by anyone.
Still, I have to wonder if it did happen-and they're setting it up to be that way-would they change their tune? Would their vast network of muslims friends dry up in a snap?
Or would they continue to shut their eyes and sing their disjointed lullabies to themselves?

Joe Bradley said...

Since these pro-Islam Brits, along with their Islamic ideologues, have based their rationale for a racist EDL on the false premise that Islam is a "race of people", we are all free to do the same when addressing the complaints of Muslims and their sycophants.

The pro-Islamic Brits in the video have declared and decreed the Islamic religion (organization) to be a race of people, a foundational fallacy, and then proceed to conclude that any opposition to Islam is racism, a logical fallacy.

Based on the logic found in this video, I now declare and decree the EDL (organization) to be a race of people, and further find that the anti-EDL sympathies expressed by the audience against the EDL constitute racism.

By employing the same foundational and logical fallacies employed by those in the audience they have become not only the racists, but hypocrites as well, the pot calling the kettle black so to speak.

Utilizing the audience's defective logic it may be concluded that anyone speaking ill of the EDL is a racist!

Now, back to the world of reality. Has anyone noticed that by definition* and the false belief that Islam is a race, Islamic beliefs and Sharia make Muslims racist? Even though this is only one definition from one source, "the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others", is a common concept for racism among all of the dictionaries.




1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

@ Joe Bradley: Maybe in Islam there also are some elements of chauvinism?


Definition of CHAUVINISM (noun)

1 : excessive or blind patriotism — compare jingoism

2 : undue partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged

3 : an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex; also : behavior expressive of such an attitude

Islamic Racism? Yes, definitely - notably toward Jewish people and toward black people (and others, probably). Chauvinism? Maybe, depending on how strictly the definition is interpreted.

But just WAIT until someone names adherents of Islam as "chauvinist PIGS". LOL! That oughta get 'em riled up. ROTFL! Thanks, Joe!



Unknown said...

Typical Lefty fascist BBC for you. Flood the place with haters to try and humiliate him for being honest.
Same happens all the time with Nigel Farage. Everyone's a racist if ya don't believe in the imaginary race of Islam.

Joe Bradley said...

@Tom ta tum Tom,

Ah YES my articulate and thoughtful friend - "chauvinist PIGS" with a side of misogyny for good measure.

Dk said...

Couldn't hold back my opinion on this one: