Thursday, June 13, 2013

Taliban Militants Kidnap 16-Year-Old Christian Convert Aman Ullah

Sahih al-Bukhari 6922—Allah’s Messenger said, “If anyone changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

Sunan An-Nasa’i 4068—It was narrated that Al-Hasan said: “The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Whoever changes his religion, kill him.’”

Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik 36.18.15—The Messenger of Allah said, “If someone changes his religion—then strike off his head!”

Aman Ullah
Islamabad, Pakistan (BosNewsLife)—A 16-year-old Christian convert from Islam remained missing Saturday, June 8, some two weeks after he was kidnapped by Islamic militants in Pakistan's volatile Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Christian said.

Aman Ullah was reportedly taken by fighters of a militant Taliban group on May 25 in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the former Northwest Frontier Province.

"We don’t know which of the 32 different Taliban groups operating both in Afghanistan and Pakistan is responsible," said John Taimoor, president of mission group 'Crossbearers Ministry' which works among former Muslims.

"My team, workers and disciples from Muslim backgrounds are facing pressures from many sides and physical persecution," he said in a statement. However, "We are looking to our Savior who is able to save us to the uttermost..." (Continue Reading.)


Anonymous said...

It's so funny how muslims tend to only attack either

A. other muslims
B. un-armed people

I guess muslims learned their lesson about direct confrontation after England chopped the caliphate to bits in WWI

Give it up, the "shield" of the ummah is broken and now your false creed is being exposed in ways your self proclaimed prophet Moe could never have conjured up in his worst nightmares, you've been duped by a lunatic and now it's time to come to the light of Christ before it's too late to repent

Anonymous said...

But no matter how frustrated we get, we need to remember, that Mesih-Ad Dajjal will triumph

The Dajjal will end this evil in the world and bring the light of GOD back into the world, Dajjal our Lord, come, we love you

Strings said...

Jesus is Lord, he will return..... Islam's days are numbered.