Monday, May 20, 2013

Somali Journalist Amun Abdullahi Flees Sweden to Mogadishu, Because Somalia Is Safer for Critics of Islam

Sweden is 10-20 years ahead of us on the path to Islamization, so we'd better be paying attention.

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Lettherebelight, Sweden said...

Well, the outcome of her efforts is as sure as that of icecream in hot sunshine: a total meltdown, running between her fingers. Being a citizen of Sweden, we know how it works here. These issues of Islamic activities are not up for debate and there is hardly anything to find about the sufferings of Christians in the Dar el Islam, no solidarity work being done.
However, this Somali jounalist seems to have no understanding of the principles of Islam, since she obviously stays with her faith and tries to find a better opportunity back in Somalia, an all Muslim country. A hopeless choice, I think, but good luck to her anyhow.