Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron Meets with COBRA to Discuss Woolwich Terrorist Attack


WhatsUpDoc said...

Ha ha this is the work of a Genius Bravo David.

Hugh McCann said...

It is sadly unclear which clip is the more puerile and naive and cartoonish!

There's no England now.

CD2000 said...

Hahaha thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

The problem and solution is easy to understand...

The problem: allowing muslims to reside in the civilized world in the first place

The solution: Simply deport them, seize and auction off their mosques, stores and demonic animal sacrifice places (halal butchers)

The issue is... the west, especially europe, are totally phobic of their own culture, they are taught from childhood that all the worlds problems go back to white-euro culture and civilization, they are told to hate Christianity, hate their country, even their own skin color in order to pander to the people who wish to kill them.

Political correctness is good when it's used by people to avoid unnecessarily hurting others, using the "N" word or something to that effect, but when it's being used with islam? it's ridiculous, islam is at war with us, and we are very much at war with islam, the issue isn't a country or ethnicity, the issue is a demonic cult that needs to be stopped before we have a caliphate in europe..

If you're a palestinian, and you try to get a temporary workers permit to Jordan, do you think you'll get it? ofcourse not, muslims know eachother better than anyone else, and muslims revile one another and know that if you let you're "akhis" in your country their going to turn it into a slum, do you think the Mayor of Dubai wants a bunch of European businessmen to see a bunch of Pakistani deobandi terrorists huddled in a ghetto? ofcourse not...

Muslims aren't even tolerant of eachother, because they know better than that

So why, in God's good name are we being tolerant of the most vile people on the face of the Earth? it isn't hate, it's reasonable policy to preserve our values and civilization, for the civlized people of the world, Christians, Atheists, Bhuddists, and the wrest of mankind which makes up the beautiful and enriching fabric of humanity.

Traeh said...

Nice work.

Osama Abdallah said...

New evidence is emerging that the Woolich beheading is also a zionist conspiracy lie, like that in Boston.

It seems that the Boston lie didn't go through well, for it is being shreded into pieces left and right on Youtube. So they must fortify it by bringing another lie.

If you're honest David Wood, and true on honesty, let this post of mine get through. More on this to come, insha'Allah....

Osama Abdallah said...

Continuing with my previous post...

You know people, these people who got terrorized and killed could've been you and your relatives. The zionists are playing nintendo games on you.

Look, if it's Muslims who really did it, then please let me be among the first of the Muslims to condemn this. But when it's a government lie, then what is it that one would need to condemn??

Osama Abdallah said...

2 of the FBI Boston Investigators were killed from falling off of a helicopter:

Man, seriously people. You need to rethink this whole Muslim terrorists thing. If you do seriously care about Honesty and Truth.

Osama Abdallah said...

Thank you very much, David! I sincerely say it from my heart. I knew you're a good REAL-AMERICAN man. Differences aside, I respect you. I think you're sincere and honest. And you try hard to be True.

Anonymous said...

Osama, honesty and truth went out the door when muhammed went around claiming to be a prophet while wearing his child brides dress

And not to mention the fact that the Quran tells us

The Earth is flat
sperm comes from the backbone/rib area ( semen is from the prostate, which is below, and sperm, which man actually comes from, comes from the testis)

Stars shoot down Genies who try to spy on "heavenly counsels"

Women have sperm (Bukhari, check Hippocrates)

The only thing that compares to the hilarity of the quran is the awful ways muslims desperately try to reconcile this absurdity, just check osamas site for his answers to all this, desperation is a sad thing

Osama Abdallah said...


All of your nonsense had been exposed as lies a long time ago, and on pretty much all of the leading Islam-defending websites out there. People can visit my website and see everything for themselves.

It amazes me though how the Coptics and Assyrians and others would careless about America and Americans when it comes to bashing Islam. The topic here is about the zionists using and then tossing you in the trash, and all you could do is bash Islam?

Anonymous said...

Stars shoot down Genies! it's a miracle!

Please, wake up

John said...

Osama's video from his link is hilarious, the narrator (a certified nut job or joker - hard to tell which) notes that the COBRA meeting held by the UK government has similarities to the COBRA enemy of GI Joe! and the people who fake the video of the blood stained killer were clever enough to cordon off a street but too stupid to see that the killer in the different cuts didn't have any blood on him in one scene (different light levels ignored as a more reasonable explanation)! Osama you are a fruitcake.

Osama Abdallah said...


As I always said, the neo-con christians are no more than toilet papers to the zionist synagogue of satan (Revelations 2:9, 3:9) and star of lucifer (Isaiah 14:12). And you're just another rotten one who is readily happy to flush the blood of even his own down the toilet to appease the zionist machine.

Here are some facts for you and your toilet papers:

1- 9/11 is a zionist lie.

2- Boston is a zionist lie.

3- Woolich London is a zionist lie.

4- The so-called 20,000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 is a toilet paper lie. It could also be a zionist lie. I'll have to verify this one.


Anonymous said...

Well John, the fact that someone believes a guy like muhammed could be a prophet is bad enough lol

Anonymous said...

I bet the Quran was made up by Jews to make muhammed look bad,

Along with Sahih Bukhari

All jews!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes total sense... lol

But then again, the Quran does borrow alot from the Talmud, Targum and Midrash....

Which is easily understood when you realize muhammed was just copying stories he heard, and being an illiterate fool had no idea of how to discern fact from fiction, it's not like he was talking to God or anything

Hugh McCann said...

I think I'm beginning to get it -

Every charge of evil made against Islam is a Zionist lie, for Islam is a religion of peace.

'Peace-loving Muslim' is actually a redundancy, for "Islam," as U.S. Pres. Geo. W. Bush told us, "is a religion of peace."

'Terrorist Muslim' is a contradiction in terms, since Islam is a religion of peace, and so those who commit atrocities are really 'fake' Muslims who are pawns of the Zionist liars.

All attacks supposedly by peace-loving Muslims are really insidious Zionist plots carried out by the US & UK governments on behalf of the Jews, because Islam is a religion of peace.

All non-Muslims are by definition evil enemy combatants and therefore worthy only of slaughter. Though Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims must kill infidels because

(1) unbelievers are dangerous and dirty pigs and dogs,

(2) Islam is a religion of peace that only fights in self-defense.

Sometimes that self-defense includes preemptive attacks, bombing civilians, sawing off enemies' heads, hacking folks to pieces with meat cleavers, and sometimes necessitates the killing of Muslim women and children as collateral damage.

Ultimately, it appears, everything bad that happens in the world, that's blamed on Muslims, is really a Zionist plot to discredit the religion of peace, right?

John said...

Yeah right Osama, you've not been taking your medicine again, have you?You put yourself outside any rational discourse by your lunatic rantings about your utterly hateful conspiracy theories. You use words like fact and verify but I don't believe you have a clue what they mean. Cheerio loser.

Anonymous said...

The demented and hateful conspiracy theories which basically blame 1,400 years of muslims failing to excel at anything in any meaningful way on the Jews is a kind of defense mechanism, whenever muslims fail, the jews did it, bush did it, anything to shy away from the reality that muslims have never contributed anything useful.

muslims love killing, yet they even suck at that compared to the Jews who outnumbered by over 1 billion scare the hell out of the entire "ummah" which is both tragic and hysterical at the same time.

Osama Abdallah said...


There are zionists and there are genuine Jews. The Glorious Quran makes this distinction very clearly, and so do also the Biblical verses that I quoted above. Those who follow the Light that was sent to Moses are among the Guided according to the Glorious Quran. But zionists spreading mischief on earth is something the Glorious Quran Prophecied about big time. They will reach a high status and dominance all over the world, and then they will come down crashing into their own devestation. But while they're all the way at the peak, all kinds of evil and mischief shall happen by them and from them.

So no, we don't hate Jews. In fact, good Jews are also persecuted by these evil ones. Such Jews are my brothers and sisters.

Osama Abdallah