Friday, May 17, 2013

Howard Bloom on the Boston Bombing


akairey said...

great point of view from the commentator! Christians, here me! We just use God's Amor and specifically the shield of truth to defend our religion and then use the sword (our tongue) to spread out the truth and be offensive to those who are in the dark. Just like Christ was offensive to the market inside the church when he overturned the tables of the hypocrits! Spread the truth!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey David,I'm not sure how to get in touch with you so I thought I would ask here: I was wondering if you'll ever do a video on the striking similarities between Qur'an stating that Jesus made birds out of clay in Qur'an 5:110 (and other areas)

Parallel with the account within the infancy Gospel of Thomas. Also the Parallels between Qur'an 19:22-26 with the Gospel of Psuedo-Matthew. This has the account of Jesus speaking under a tree to Mary and then giving her the contents of the tree.

The only Muslim response I have ever read to this on the internet is our favourite Muslim defense. "Oh, well Christianity has some similarities to paganism!" This is of course silly, considering the stories in the non-canonical Gospels are both about Jesus and are almost identical to the stories in the Qur'an!

Hope to hear from you!

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Hmmm, Howard and I may disagree regarding the Lordship of Jesus Christ. But still, we could use another good mind like that of Mr. Bloom on behalf of exposing the truth regarding Islam.

"Welcome to the counter-jihad, Howard!" Pat Condell mined gold from this vein even before you (and, thank HEAVEN, David Wood and other great minds opened this claim LONG ago) but we can sure use your help, Mr. Bloom.

Please don't be intimidated but PLEASE do be careful. The Imams are ever more desperate and they'll put their slaves up to anything.


Joe Bradley said...

At 0:47 of this video, Howard Bloom states that "Condoleezza Rice" stated that the Boston Bombing was a result of Hopelessness. In fact, it was NOT Condoleezza Rice who made that statement, it was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, who made that statement.

Just to set the record straight.


well done, its nice to see that some one is coming at front and speaking the truth.
muslims are not poor in USA. Christians in Pakistan are more poor and stressful people of the society, did they go out to boob other people, never. its the ideology of islam which make people think to kill other people. that's what islam is killing innocent people.