Thursday, May 16, 2013

Austrian Hostage Dominik Neubaur Forced to Convert to Islam

But I'm sure that Muslim groups like CAIR and ISNA will condemn this forced conversion as quickly as they condemn Islamophobia.

VIENNA/HELSINKI (Reuters) - An Austrian man held hostage for five months in Yemen said he was kept in permanent darkness in a room too small to stand in and was forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

Weeks into his captivity, Dominik Neubaur told Austrian magazine News, he was taken out for what he thought would be his execution - but he believed he was spared after he recited verses from the Koran.

"I heard a weapon being loaded and felt its muzzle on the back of my head," Neubaur said in his first interview since his release a week ago.

The 26-year-old student of Arabic and a Finnish couple were kidnapped by tribesmen in Sanaa on December 21, and were later sold to al Qaeda, according to the Yemeni government. The three were freed on May 9. (Continue Reading.)

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