Friday, April 5, 2013

Muslim Bikini Model Maryam Basir Sees No Conflict Between Her Faith and Her Career

It seems that CNN is following a pattern. Whenever they post something that could put Islam in a negative light, they also post something to show how diverse, reformed, and Westernized Islam is. Yesterday, CNN posted an article and a video about a poor Afghan teenager named Gul Meena, whose brother tried to hack her to death in a brutal "honor" attack. CNN also immediately posted a video about a Muslim bikini model, who sees no conflict between her faith in Allah and her career as a bikini model. The takeaway message? "For everyone who feels like judging Islam because of all the girls getting hacked to death by their families, not so fast! Islam is diverse and tolerant, as the following video about a devout Muslim bikini model proves." Of course, the takeaway message requires us to ignore the obvious. Bikini model Maryam Basir's family disagrees with her career choice, but there's nothing they can do about it, because she lives in the United States. If a Muslim girl were to choose the same career in Afghanistan or Pakistan, her family would have her killed. In other words, Basir is only able to make her own choices because she lives in a country with a non-Islamic legal system.

Does anyone else ever wish that reporters would ask more interesting questions? For instance, wouldn't it have been interesting if Alina Cho had asked for Basir's interpretation of various Qur'an and Hadith passages concerning women? For more on women in Islam, click here.


John 8:24 said...

CNN is just hopeless. I regularly follow CNN and it is quite obvious that they never miss an opportunity to show Islam in a positive light and defend Islam when there is something damaging Islam's image in the news. On the other hand, Christianity is a fair game! One can just go to their "Belief" blog and see how many articles there are anti-Christian. Even on Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter they always manage to find something controversial, opinionated or a minority view - no matter how far from the truth - on Christianity and put it on the front page. But during Ramadan or Hajj, you would see articles on how wonderful Islam is. Quite shameless!

Estudantes Mocambicanos na Argelia said...

It's real a big problem, i am student and i live in Algeria but i am from Mozambique...i am so worried with girls in this country they started to wear and and act like westerns, i wonder what will happen when The salafistes come to the power, and the thing is that everybody will say that it's not islamic when this guys attack! They will call them extremists...

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Though I didn't play the delightful video (no, of course I didn't), it's obvious to those familiar with Islamic theology that Ms. Basir is modeling one of the "72 versions" of the "full body coverings" that Muslimas will wear in their paradise.

In no way is this un-Islamic because body coverings such as those modeled by Ms. Basir are referenced in Islam throughout antiquity. However, they're also mentioned - in an even more recent Islamic source - in Sahih al-SthevyynsRhay, 8675309, in his often cited legend that included the beloved Chlyyde of camel fame.

Also referenced in the legend is "Fatima", reputedly of the "seven veils". And it surely must be the garments of "Fatima" that inspired the fashion modeled here by Ms. Basir.

Equally reliable in this regard is the a-hate-ith from Sahih al-Su-Funni who reminds us, "Oh You who believe! Take not for yourselves into Paradise garments for providing warmth. Lo, the place into which ALL Muslims must go is NEVER cold - YEA! - and light garments of asbestos would well serve the faithful. Allah knoweth all of where they roast and when they burn!"