Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Young Canadian Goes from Pacifist to Jihadist after Converting to Islam

When we tell people the truth about Muhammad, politicians and the media condemn us as intolerant bigots. The result is that Westerners are converting to Islam based on a false picture of the religion (since they are guarded from the truth). After converting to a whitewashed, watered-down, Walt Disney version of Islam (proudly supported by politicians and the media), some of these new Muslims decide to learn what their religion is all about. That's when they either leave the religion or become jihadists.

Here's the rub. The Canadian government has to track jihadists, who never would have become jihadists if they hadn't converted to Islam. And they wouldn't have converted to Islam if they had known the truth about Muhammad. And they would have known the truth about Muhammad if politicians and the media weren't so ruthlessly opposed to anyone speaking the truth about Muhammad. Hence, many of the jihadist converts that Western governments are dealing with are the product of Western governments protecting Islam from scrutiny.

Canada (CBC News)--The mother of one of the 50 to 60 Canadians being monitored by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) because of alleged terrorist activities abroad says she no longer recognizes her own son.

The Quebec woman, who agreed to speak to CBC News on condition she remain anonymous for her own safety, said she wants to warn other parents about the risks awaiting young Muslims like her son.

She said after her son converted to Islam, he was recruited online by a radical Islamist group.

The woman said her son was by nature a pacifist but was perhaps an easy target.

"They played on his generous nature," she says, adding she watched her son change gradually after he converted.

"He stopped listening to music because it was a sin," she says. "He started to cut off contact with girls, then later, with boys who didn't share his vision."

She said he became more and more critical of Canadian society, saying, "Canadian laws are not good. It's Sharia law that should be applied."

"He is convinced that jihad is a part of the religion," she said, adding he told his parents he wanted them both to "burn in hell" if they did not convert as well. (Continue Reading.)

For all of you mothers and fathers who want your kids to know the truth about Islam, here's a good place to start:


apran said...

Any Islam apologist who claims that Islam is a religion of peace should explain why many people who convert to Islam have become terrorists and violent, while those who convert to other religions rarely become violent, or they even become pacifists.

From this fact alone, it is clear that other religions are more peaceful than Islam. But often those Islam aplogists mock religions like Christianity. Perhaps because they know that the Christian are so "violent" that they won't touch a single hair of the mockers while the muslims are so "peaceful" that they are ready to kill whoever mocks Islam?

Joe Bradley said...

When people consort with the devil this sort of thing happens.

David M said...

David does it ever come to your mind that our government and etc...... is being bought off to support Islam from all the oil money the arabs have?

Search 4 Truth said...

Strange that i dont see converts to Christianity wanting to go off to war shortly after conversion.

Aletheya said...

Whatever "peaceful/ignorant" muslims say, the evidence is in the pudding they say!

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Wait, what no one here seems to understand is that Islamic converts are necessarily subject to the quantum Islamic laws of observation.

Of course you KNEW - didn't you - it was the fault of the Canadian government all ALONG because they "monitored" this poor quantum Islamist.

Just as in the realm of physics [when a quantum outcome is observed, the outcome is affected - or something like that], so also when this young convert was 'monitored', his outcome was radicalized.

OF COURSE! It sez so in the unholy Qur'an! A miracle of Science! We have it on the authority of the Apustle (may Timon and Pumbaa be unto him) of Allah [hu Ohyynkksmoor] - (SWT - Subhumahan Whaadah Ta'alya? Hakuna Matada).

If we could just get the Canadian authorities to read the a-Hate-iths & the unholy Qur'an, along with the sewer-a of Mohammud and the Reliance of Gozer the Gozarian, I feel well assured they would understand the REASONS why so many of these godless young Muslim particulates are acting like Higgs-bozos.