Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Latest Muslim Death Threat to Sam Shamoun

Here's a death threat to Sam Shamoun from a Muslim who claims to have killed people before. If only these guys would spend as much time learning to spell as they do sending death threats, perhaps they would eventually be able to send a coherent threat. But I guess if Muhammad is your pattern of conduct, getting an education won't be very high on your priority list (though threatening to brutally murder people will be close to the top, right after having sex with a little girl!).

On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 6:55 PM, muslim proud wrote:

il come down to America n snap you into pieces with my own hands iv done it before to other people i will do it to you , u fuking fat bastard i spit at your face just watch your back VERY SOON u will be DEAD promise

In case "Muslim Proud" is reading this, I thought I'd write him a brief response. However, I had to write my message in language he can understand.

muslim proud wen u come down to America b sur 2 takes advantige off r edgucational sistem it mite HELP u make bettr DEATH threts promise i STILL got hooked on phonix cd from wen my KIDS was littl u can HAVE it

NOTE: Any minute now, we're sure to get a comment from Doug Myers, who will say something like: "You know, if you guys would just praise Muhammad and make these Muslims happy, maybe they wouldn't threaten you so much."


Mietopol said...

They sound alike look alike and act alike. One nation under devil = islam

akairey said...

I find it amazing that this "religion" of peace is the most violent one! I've read Buddahism, Wicka, the Bible, AND the korupt koran. These morons who threaten you soldiers of God (Yahweh, NOT ALLAH) will have the amour of GOD to protect you and your family, I pray that he does. Unfortunately, I don't run into many Muslims here in the San Diego area, otherwise I'll be correcting them in everything I've learned from David and Sam from this great site and what I've read myself! These morons are just following their pedophile, murdering, lying prophet, we (NON-muslim) AMERICANS just need to keep and eye out for these morons of Islam and put them in their place.

Joe Bradley said...

It must be tough for muslim proud to be articulate when he is constantly being distracted in his attempts to chew his tobacco with only two teeth.

Unknown said...

Such is the mentality of the kingdom of hell. It is satan who is the god of hate.

Please prepare and defend yourself in such a way as to assist in the prosecution under U.S. law. Wear hidden cameras in your hats, ties, sunglasses, etc., and in your cars. Carry bear spray and fogger pepper sprays which also mark perpetrators for the police. Learn martial arts and self-defense techniques. Contact veterandefenders.org for possible military veteran protection.

Unknown said...

i tink at sjam shwd carrie un wd hs wrk coz peeel ned 2 no tat IssLamb us dagerus nd MOO-HAM-MAD us aw fawse mn coz E wr wrd bro init , da gy drnk cmels psss nd tht ,strnge gy nd tht bro init

Anonymous said...

Sam, our Lord Jesus Christ will NEVER abandon you or forsake you - He promised, and I believe Him! GLORY To Christ our Lord!

taomeano said...

They can't defend their religion so they threaten.

Why doesn't Sami Zaatari call muslim proud and break the news to him that Islam is a religion of peace?

Shame on muslim proud, you follow a "prophet" who used murder, rape and subjugation as his modus operandi, why should we expect any less from you.

David, Sam and the rest of the folks at ABN, do not be afraid. We are praying for you all. God will protect you.

Murtadd said...

Islam is a religion that comes standard with its own implosion device, much like a ship purposely built with a huge hole in it.

Yes, if you love death then islam is suitable for you. If you love life and life abundantly then you obviously know which religion is suitable for you.

In Christ, for Christ, by Christ

Unknown said...

Brother David,

Sorry I'm not going to take the bait!
Here is my prayer for you and Sam.

Numbers 6:24-26 (NASB77)
24 The Lord bless you, and keep you;
25 The Lord make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you;
26 The Lord lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.'

Unknown said...

"The only way to stop a genuine apostle is to kill him." ~ Frank Viola

This is what is happening to Christ's followers since 2000 years. Don't worry, Sam. Jesus is risen. He is with you. Muhammad is dead! Muhammad's followers brains are dead.

goethechosemercy said...

When you lift your voice in prayer and your mind in meditation, you are one with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that sanctifies you and keeps you safe.
And so in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, I pray for Sam and David.
All power to God.
All faith to us.
You can't stop a combination like that!

Selecta Mark said...

Lancaster Islamic girls' school sex assault: Men arrested


Another sex scandal!!!

Joe Bradley said...

"Lancaster Islamic girls' school sex assault: Men arrested"

With a culture and religion so preoccupied in rape, pedophilia and sex, sex, sex, castration is appropriate.

Unknown said...

im coming for sam

David Wood said...

Muslim Proud,

When you come for Sam, you might find someone hiding in the bushes, taking pictures of Sam's children. If you do, no worries. It's just your fellow Muslim keyboard jihadist "IslamWillPrevail," who admits that he likes to stalk children and take photos. Perhaps you guys can get together and form an internet club for cowards who sit around all day threatening people on the laptops your mothers bought for you. You could call your group the "League Of Stalkers Evading Risks" (L.O.S.E.R. for short).

Take care, Cupcake.

The Dizzle

1Universe Of Ideas said...

I am Muslim too and I know Muslim are F * * * king crazy sorry sam you doing wonderful job.

Unknown said...

david wood is running from debate

David Wood said...

Muslim Proud: "I challenge you to a debate!"

David: "I accept."

Muslim Proud: "David Wood is running from debate!"

I wonder if he'll use these awesome debate skills in an actual debate.

Answering Judaism said...

David, I did debate muslim proud on the Trinity. Although after the debate, Shadid got me stuck on the word timao. Although Nakdimon's video response to Sami Zaatari pretty much dealt with Shadid's argument on the video. I wished I had looked at it earlier. To be honest, I found the performance of muslim proud to be lacklustre. Trust me David, easy challenge.

Nasara Johnson said...

So tired of these lunatic Muslims running around obsessed with issuing violent threats of killing, evil, beheading and such against our Christian people, and here our brothers, David Wood and Sam Shamoun.

Something MUST be done!

Muslim Proud and wicked thugs like him will NEVER stand before the face and fiery burning eyes of Our Glorious LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!

LORD God of Heaven and Earth, we stand as your intercessors and pray Your Hedge of Protection for our blessed and beloved brothers, David and Sam, your servants, and their families.

FATHER, fight for them! Be their battle axe, shield, strong tower, You are their exceeding Great Reward.

FATHER cover their families. Thank you for a remnant that you are building and Your army of Righteous Soldiers now arising, that will stand to defend the faith, with our lives, and thank you that You have given us eternal life in Christ Jesus. Cut off their enemies LORD and ours. LORD smite them with confusion, astonishment and groping until they repent. We do pray all men be saved and ask for safety and the continued rights to preach in America. We pray Islam spreads no further in the West. Raise up freedom fighters, protests and ALL those who will cry aloud and spare not. Let us not fear Dear LORD. Bring the Church to awakening and repentance for our lack of care and mishandling the Holy things of God which as brought this evil upon us.

I pray that you bless and satisfy our brothers with health, protection and long life, a minimum of 80 years to preach Your Gospel. We cry out for their safety.

Satan, Islam demon The LORD rebuke you.

Jehovah, You Alone are Sovereign! There is NO God but YHWH! You Alone Are LORD and You will put out the names of all false gods in our day, like You did in ancient times.

We PRAISE YOUR NAME. Keep us all dear LORD Jesus, Empower us to Preach the Gospel in Freedom!