Friday, March 29, 2013

What Islam Really Teaches about Allah and the Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus' death by crucifixion is historically indisputable. Muslims, however, dispute the crucifixion theologically, by claiming that Allah tricked people into believing that Jesus died on the cross. But if Allah deceived people about Jesus' death, then Allah is responsible for inventing one of the core doctrines of Christianity. This means that Allah is a deceiver who helps start false religions. Here's a video discussing the theological implications of the Islamic view:


Aletheya said...


You should debate Muslims on the meaning of Christ (Colossians 2:9).

According to the Bible, He is:

- Savior - John 4:40-42
- Lord - Luke 2:11
- To die - Daniel 9:26
- Son of God - Luke 4:41...

Islam denies all of these, so how can they call Jesus, the Christ?
In fact WITHOUT HIS DEATH AND RESURRECTION, Jesus couldn't be the Christ.

To attain the title of being the Christ, HE HAD TO rise from the dead otherwise He couldn't be called the Christ.

That's why He kept telling His disciples NOT to publish Him being the Christ (Matthew 16:20...),though He was the Christ until He conquered death.

Unknown said...

I cannot understand why muslim still hold on tightly to what is written in the quran. the quran made so many assertions that it can not substantiate. if you ask for the evidence or proof against the crucifixion and the ressurection of our lord--none has been able to provide any evidence whatsoever. Just simply because the quran says so, therefore it must be true and all other evidences and proofs must be false. I dare to say that this is the logic of islam.
Do you know that the earliest copy of the quran is locked up somewhere to avoid detailed scrutiny of its text. I will not be surprised if the book of allah is not under the scapel to correct all the errors before it is made available for public scrutiny. What a religion.

Unknown said...

The crucifixion and resurrection are facts of history.Why have muslims failed to support the conclusions about these important events.
just because the quran says so, it must be true? It looks like islam does not allow for common reasoning.
Why is the oldest quran kept in avoid scrutiny? are corrections going on as we write. Common people wake up from your hypnotism in Jesus'name.
Jesus is the Way , the Truth and the Life. Accept him today and be saved.

Prasanna said...

Thanks David for exposing the stupidity of the Quran so clearly in a spoon-feeding manner. However, the question is how many sane intelligent people are still left in the followers of the unintelligent poet of Islam? What a pity!!!