Thursday, February 21, 2013

Robert Spencer and Nicolai Sennels on the Psychology of Islam and Muslims

According to the Qur'an, Christians and Jews are the worst of creatures (98:6), while Muslims are the best of peoples (3:110). Hence, Muslims are not allowed to be friends with Christians and Jews (5:51), and, when the opportunity arises, Muslims are to violently subjugate them (9:29). God has no love for non-Muslims (3:32).

Women are the property of men (2:223), and must therefore be completely obedient. Otherwise, their husbands are commanded to beat them into submission (4:34). Men are allowed to have up to four wives (4:3), to keep an unlimited number of sex slaves (70:22-30), to rape their female captives (4:24), and to take prepubescent girls as their wives (65:4).

The Qur'an says that Muhammad is an outstanding moral example (33:21), even though he (1) believed he was demon possessed, (2) tried repeatedly to commit suicide, (3) delivered verses that he later claimed were from Satan, (4) kissed a pagan idol, (5) was a victim of black magic, (6) married more wives than his own revelations allowed, (7) married the wife of his own adopted son, (8) had sex with a nine-year-old girl, (9) beat his wives, and (10) violently subjugated people who refused to convert to Islam.

Believe it or not, these teachings can have an impact on the way people think.

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Unknown said...

Excellent analysis! The mentally unhealthy way of jihad.

Such is the kingdom of hell, that of hatred and deceit and aggressive violence against those seen as inferior!