Thursday, February 21, 2013

James White: Why Muslims Reject the Gospel

One of the reasons the original Muslims (Muhammad and his followers) couldn't accept the Gospel was that they had no clue what the Gospel was. Muslims today have been so thoroughly misinformed about the Gospel (largely due to Muhammad's teachings), they still have no clue what the Gospel is. The following lecture by James White is directed to Christians, but I hope that many Muslims will watch it as well.

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L Durkay said...

You should do this topic David;

Muhammad could not do miracles when the Pagans asked him to. Muhammad said Allah didn't want to because previous people didn't believe his early prophet's miracles...which is false because Christians and Jews believed in the miracles of Jesus and Moses.

Plus that means that the Quran is not a has an error because Jesus and Moses did miracles. Even Paul, a messenger of God, AND Allah, could do miracles, but not Muhammad?