Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Voting Is Shirk

Sex with prepubescent girls? Halal. Killing apostates? Halal. Raping female captives? Halal. Fighting Jews and Christians? Halal.

Voting? Haram!

Welcome to Islam.


Craig said...

@ David Wood

Hello Mr.Wood I keep getting in these argument with my muslim friends and they always are giving me the run around and this "context" stuff, throwing out whatever they want or telling mw im lying about stuff. Can you please give me a list of all sunni material tafsir, hadith, sunan, serta everything please! I dont have the money to take classes and I want to learn more on islam so im gonna have to teach myself. Im trying to work on putting together a slideshow of some sort by taking topics such as "unpeaceful part of islam" and take verses and put all the resources next to it to explain it. Example: Im gonna put Q 9:29 on one slide then all the tafsir and commentary for this verse next to it so I can in a way create a case? Sorry for the long text please help thank you god bless.

David Wood said...

There are links to the commentaries of Ibn Kathir, the two Jalals, and Ibn Abbas in the sidebar of this blog.

Craig said...

I've seen those, arent there more? This shiek at a misjid by my house said something about maududi. I would also like all the hadiths, sertas, schools of law, basicly everything sunni muslims use to understand islam cause when I go and ask the "scholars" at the misjid it seems they dont wanna give me the info the told me to come and they'll teach me but I know there gonnna water it down. This one teacher tried to tell me that in islam you cant convert people to islam and he said he just recently got done teaching sahih bukhari and didnt seem to know about the order to fight people till the say the shahada or pay jizya.

Craig said...

Not sure if my last post made it threw but basiclly what I said was, I need all theaterial please I know theres at least 3 sunan, theres atleast 1 or more tafsir. Someone told me madudi was one and I would like the 4 schools of law and the serta not to sure what that is but please just give me a list of ALL sunni islamic material please il find a way to buy some and find some on the internet, the problem I have with using your site is my friends will say this is unrealiable because 1. Its not a "muslim"site and 2 ya'll are vritics of islam. Now I know yall have realiable sources. I understamd you all deal with "professional muslims" where as I talk to non-professional muslims and there imams and shieks dont tell them "everything" so I have to show sources unlike you all yoyr opponet knows your giving realiable information. Just for a wxample I told my friend muhammad tried to kill himself then he asked someone about it and he said he never heard of that so my friend said I made it up.

Craig said...

Are you able to help me out Mr.Wood?

David Wood said...

Not if by "help you out" you mean going through tons of Muslim sources and typing them out so you don't have to buy them.

If a Muslim doesn't accept Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Ibn Kathir, Jalalayn, or Ibn Abbas (all of which are available online), he's not going to accept Ibn Ishaq, Maududi, or any of the other sources you want. Quote the Qur'an and quote Muhammad in the Hadith. There are no higher sources of Islamic doctrine.

Craig said...

Understood. just for clearity what I meant by the list is basicly just all the names of the sources, I didnt mean for you to type the material out. Im eventually gonna buy all the sources I just dont wanna get in a situation where I quote for example ibn kathir then they say hes only 1 scholar. I would like to be able to get all the defferent tafsir on 1 verse then present my case as to why a verse is violent. Sorry dont mean to be inconvient.

TAREK said...

Do you know what you are saying? By your standard I can directly say you are condemning muhammad and i will hesitate to you are suffering of Persistent Inconsistency Syndrome (PIS)
Muhammad say in sahih al-bukhari that the earth belong to him and allah is that not call shirk?
You want to practice your religion freely but you do not want other to do the same. Please ready in THE HOLY BIBLE the following passage Matthew 7 verse 12
You have condemned muhammad. You own so call brothers will take care of you.

David Wood said...


Send me an email. The strongest passages are not commentaries, but statements from Muhammad. I'll send you my debate notes.

Craig said...

Mr Wood,

I cant find your email can you email me at yeshuachrist4@gmail.com thank you. God bless