Monday, December 10, 2012

Sydney Debate

Abdullah Kunde & Samuel Green
Friday December 14, 2012, 7pm.
Auburn Presbyterian Church
29 Queen St. Auburn NSW Australia

Please come if you live in Sydney and say hello :-)


Anonymous said...

All the way down at Auburn pity i can;t drive.

simple_truth said...

Hi, Samuel.

I hope that your debate goes well. As usual, I do pray that you can articulate your position with pin-point accuracy and represent the Christian view very well so that Muslims have no option other than to listen to the Gospel and surrender their lives to Christ.

I always appreciate your engagement with Muslims. May your reward with God be great! I am hoping that a video of the event will be posted so that the rest of us can listen.

Merry Christmas to you, Samuel.

mik said...

Hi Samuel
im pretty excited i live near aurban so i will be there
god bless you :)

gabriella oak said...

I look forward to watching in the future. It's a really interesting subject.
Good luck Samuel :)

vanhetgoor said...

It would be nice if sheep and jackals could live together, wouldn't it? It would be nice if I could have a garden in which I could grow as well cabbages and have a goat.

Does it come to your mind that a combination of extremities is not a good idea? The islam is a way of making foolish people into slaves, christianity is a way of getting rid of guilt. Jesus died for the sin of mankind. The Holy Prophet of Allah is a crook who invented a way of making money from stupid people.

Never there can be any co-operation between the two. The talks between christianity and islam are without any possible outcome. They are opposed to each other, there is no forgiveness in islam and there is money making allowed in christianity.

Varma said...

I wish I could see this. Two intelligent men defending their own personal delusion and each attacking the other's delusion. I could laugh and cry at the same time watching things like this.

Anonymous said...

Samuel' last debate is out unfortunately the muslims have a bad habit of censoring comments apart from the parts that keep saying Samuel lost. the amount of deceptive conduct shows what type of people they are by silencing critics

Craig said...

when will this video be posted? Or how can i read it?

Craig said...

I meant view it not read it.