Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Interview with Jay Smith on Confronting Islam


Anonymous said...

Thank you David and Jay, awesome interview! This helps not only with approaching muslims, but to prove to fellow Christians that Apologetics is necessary!

Thank you as well for pointing out Scripture to show where Apologetics on the defence and offence was used. Very helpful!

On a side note, David I enjoyed your debates in the recent week a lot.

In Jesus name!

Tom said...

Yes, David Wood & Jay Smith thank you for this vidoe.. I too need to show my fellow christians the need for Offence & defence..
I do find my fellow christians ill-equiped when responding to "detractors".


Jonny James said...

Jay Smith please reconsider your bigoted comparison of the Ancient Israelite sect to todays devout muslims. You claim that they are essentially the same thing. Only difference is:
1) The Zealots were a result of the Hellenistic encroachment on the Jews of Judea. If the Roman leaders who had control of Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple did not try and impose Helenistic culture on Jews the zealots would definitely NOT have emerged as they did.
2) There is a fundumental difference between the Zealots and todays muslim devout jihadists .. the Zealots were a jewish sect who's attitudes (relating to point #1) did not represent the normative outlook of Jews at the time and before .. Jews never waged religious war with the goal of SUBJUGATING the ENTIRE WORLD under Judaism.

Otherwise I agree with you .. but David there are FAR more impressive people to discuss this issue with in the UK than with this guy. Why not shed light on the abuse and political imprisonment of Tommy Robinson .. a true 'Christian' fighter for western values and the western way of life in the UK.

Selecta Mark said...

Excellent interview David with Jay Smith who happens to be another mighty man of valour!

Selecta Mark said...

Biggest UK mosque: Newham Council rejects plans

See link below Glory to God!