Monday, November 12, 2012

UAE Woman Tortures Maid to Death

Muslims keep telling me that the West needs Islam, since Islam is the only ideology that can rescue us from immorality. But if this were true, shouldn't Muslim countries be the most moral countries in the world? Why, then, do I read stories like the following every day?

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES--An Emirati woman accused of torturing her housemaid to death is standing trail at the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court. She allegedly poured boiling water over the victim and beat her up with an electrical wire.

The incident was reported at the police station by the woman’s son. The cops discovered the body ridden with injuries and burn marks and emitted a foul smell. Forensic reports confirmed the death was a result of multiple injuries sustained by the victim which was at least 10 days old.

The accused’s daughter testified that she had seen her mother pour boiling water on the maid and throw pepper powder into her eyes.

The accused, meanwhile, confirmed she had beaten her up with a wire for disobedience. However, she did not mention how she died.

Prosecutors said the suspect upon realizing the house help had succumbed to her torture called her daughters and ordered them to sport gloves and change the deceased’s clothes. (Source)

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