Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Girls in U.K. "Care Homes" Being Gang-Raped by "Asians"

But it would be bigoted and Islamophobic to protect these girls, so let's all pretend it isn't happening.

United Kingdom--Police are investigating shocking new claims that gangs of Asian men gang-raped and abused vulnerable under-age girls from CARE HOMES in the North West.

The new grooming scandal emerged after a 27-year-old mum claimed she was a victim of a horrifying catalogue of sexual abuse while in care as a teen.

Her account of how care workers allegedly turned a blind eye to predatory paedo­philes echoes the findings of a report into a sex ring in Rochdale, which highlighted “missed opportunities” to halt abuse.

Claire, not her real name, says she was one of many vulnerable young girls who were treated like “pieces of meat” by men who hung around the care homes she lived in in Lancashire and Liverpool.

She says she was groomed and molested in return for alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. On one harrowing occasion when she was 14, she was drugged and gang-raped.

A farmer found her naked in a field covered in blood and bruises, but she was returned to her home without medical help. “My social worker told me I deserved what I’d got because I’d been drinking,” she says. “I hadn’t... I was drugged.” Claire says even though she told staff at Briar’s Hey Residential Home in ­Rainhill, Merseyside, which closed in 2005, there was no medical examination or police probe.

“I was given the morning-after pill ‘to avoid any more mess’,” she says.

Claire, who now lives with her ­partner and four children, claims her experience was the norm for many teens at the homes. “Sex was the going ­currency for girls like me,” she says. “The men would hang round the gates. If we ­complained to staff we were told to just ignore them.”

In May this year, when nine men from the paedophile gang in Rochdale were jailed, Claire contacted police in the hope they would finally investigate her ordeal. (Continue Reading.)


goethechosemercy said...

Your enemy will attack you where you are most vulnerable.
Britain is being attacked by the conquerors where it is most vulnerable.
In a patriarchal society, women and girls are unimportant.
And so, Britons all, certainly you don't mind that these troubled teens are taken out of your population in order to be exploited by the people who would displace you.
Do you?

Nobody but everybody said...

The correct word should be Muslim Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Asians as a whole would include Chinese,Sikhs, Hindus who till now haven't been involved in these type of cases.

Osama Abdallah said...

"The correct word should be Muslim Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Asians as a whole would include Chinese,Sikhs, Hindus who till now haven't been involved in these type of cases."


Which toilet do you live in, dude? The far east Asia is NOTORIOUS in sex slavery and prostitution.
Russia and Latin America are equally the same. None of them are Muslims. They're Budhist and Christian and Jewish Mafia scums. The girl was not raped by Muslims. These were far eastern Asian gangs, and we have many of them here in the US. The Asian gangs are also on the rise in the USA. Muslims hardly have any gangs in their communities! You walk into any Muslim neighborhood with a Mosque Dome in the neighborhood, here in the USA, and you'll find a reasonably quiet and peaceful neighborhood. You go to the Christians' neighborhoods and you could lose your life.

Osama Abdallah

Aletheya said...

@ Osama, stop posting your pathetic website here because not even your fellow muslims respect it. Thank you.

Murtadd said...

@ Osama,

What utter nonsense are you talking about. You are so disillusioned by your "prophet" that you lost all logic and commonsense. Just because there's a mosque in the neighbourhood the muslims are "peaceful". What utter nonsense.

In my country there are muslim scum who are the most violent. They are drug merchants and drug abusers and are the dominant inmates in our jails. And there are many mosques in their area.

Oh let me guess, these are not muslims. They are christians dressed in muslim attire as muslims don't drink, don't do drugs, don't belong to violent gangs and dont prostitute themselves.

Wow, you really suffer from delusions of grandeur just like that self proclaimed paedophile scum called muhammed.

In Christ,for Christ,by Christ

rowland said...

@David wood: isn't it time you start charging osama Abdulla a fee for advertising his stupid blog on your site??
I mean what is this bovine excretum

"Osama Abdallah

Have you noticed this??

And to you Osama, nobody goes to your site, the last time I took a peek no one made any comment on your sordid write-ups. GO fIGURE

Murtadd said...

No one is taking Osama seriously anyway.His site is giving other religions more credibility and show how desperate they are to propogate islam.

Ironically just this afternoon I read up on answer-islam how Quennele Gale proved him to be a total idiot.
Quennele clearly showed how he adds words to the bible to suit his agenda and then boldly says "Its in the bible". This was a rebuttal to his article X-rated porn in the bible to name but a few.

Big ups to Quennele Gale, Sam Shamoun, David Wood and all others for exposing Osama's sick fantasy.

You just have to read some of his articles to see what a joke he is. Very sad indeed.

In Christ,for Christ,by Christ

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother David

I live, work and was born in the Uk, and for anyone out there this is a true event that took place in Rochdale. I know one the girls that was a victim off this horrible crime. She is now looking for Christ and is with a good Christian support team. Muslims say this has nothing to do with Islam and try to doubt the article, It has allot to do with Islam..

I want to thank the lord for the show Jesus or Muhammed, I was born a Christian but because of the way I viewed women I converted to Islam for 5 years. The show helped me to see the truth and I gave my life to the lord.. please thank Brother Sam for his comment on my you tube page. and I try tell everyone about the show, also to support ABN.

And the articles on answering Islam I now use to help Muslim's to Christ all glory to him

My prays are with you and you family God bless you

love in Christ

Brother Alexander

Diana said...

Osama, do you have some facts to support your case? I have some facts from the 2001 UK census report. (The 2011 report will be available any day, but I don't expect drastic changes.)

Here is the ethnic breakdown of the British population.

Anglo-Celtic = 87%
Other White (mainly European) = 5%
Indian sub-continent = 4%
Black (both African & Caribbean) = 2%
Mixed Race = 1%
All Other Races = 1%

The Chinese are the largest "other" group, being about 0.4% of the total population. When statistical reports on "ethnicity" are given in any British context, "Asian" never means Chinese. It means "from the Indian sub-continent".

No, I don't know how many Sino-British are in prison, but the total prison population of "other" ethnicities was only a little over 1%. However, the gangs of rapists who were recently convicted in northern England were certainly not Chinese. Their names, photographs and ethnicities were published in the newspapers, so the public guess that they were "Muslims" was not a wild act of prejudice. It was an informed estimate derived from the public knowledge that they were all from Muslim-majority countries (mainly Pakistan) and all had Muslim names like Mohammed and Abdullah and Hussain.

Here are the stats on stated religion in Britain. (Obviously a census does not distinguish between a true believer and a nominal declarer.)

Christian = 72%
Atheist = 15%
Muslim = 3%
All Other Religions = 2%
Hindu = 1%
Did Not Answer Question = 7%

Yet Muslims are 12% of the British prison population. Even when you control for youth, poverty, police prejudice and in-prison conversions, that still means that a high proportion of British Muslims are committing crimes.

Whatever it is like in your area, Osama, in Britain there is a serious problem with gang-rapists deliberately coordinating attacks on vulnerable girls, and a disproportionate number of those criminals are Muslims. Now why would that be? Could it be that Muslims aspire to follow the example of Mohammed? Well, thank goodness not all of them do, but some of them do.

Mohammed set the example by raping seven vulnerable girls. Their names were Ayesha, Rayhana, Juwayriya, Safiya, Mariya, Tukana ... and the seventh is not even dignified with a name, but simply called Al-Jariya ("the girl"). To this day, men who are determined to follow the despicable example of their false prophet are lying in wait to capture their own Al-Jariya.

Diana said...

P.S. When I cited that "other races" are just over 1% of the prison population, that "other" included "mixed", i.e. 2% of the people are committing only 1% of the crimes. I have mislaid the exact figures, but the general conclusion is the Chinese have the lowest crime, the lowest unemployment, the highest fluency in English and the highest rate of intermarriage with White people of any immigrant group in Britain.

Unknown said...

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