Friday, November 9, 2012

Bomb Found in Yard of Indonesian Christian Family

But the real problem isn't bombs being placed in the yards of Christians. The real problem is Islamophobia.

INDONESIA--A bomb squad from Central Sulawesi Police disarmed a homemade bomb found in the backyard of a Poso resident's house on Thursday.

The homeowner, Yulianti, 63, who lives in the Landangan village, said she discovered the bomb in her backyard at 6:30 a.m.

"There was something like a can of butter that was wrapped in a plastic bag but some yellow cables could be seen coming out of it. We, as a family, were really afraid and reported this to the nearest security personnel," Yulianti said.

Two tactical vehicles from Central Sulawesi's bomb squad arrived at 8:00 a.m. to disarm the bomb on site before it was taken to the Poso Police headquarters.

Yulianti said the house was mostly empty the previous evening as the family had been at church.

Police have cordoned off the area where the bomb was found and have combed the area for clues. Personnel on site said the home-assembled bomb contained chemicals urea and nitrate, a detonator and a cable network. (Source)


Ken said...

David and Sam -
I know this is not the subject of this post, but
Have either of you listened to these 2 debates and if so what response?

Does Islam equal Terrorism? Abdullah Al Andalousi and another Muslim vs. Tommy Robinson of the English Defense League and another man

Abdullah Al Andalousi and Paul Armstrong make some good points - but they avoid the issues of the actual texts of the Qur'an and the application that Islam and the Caliphs made of those verses - Surah 9:5 and 9:29 and every thing else related to them - by citing western sins - Iraq War, colonialism, Crusades, allowing drunkenness and promiscuity, Zionism and Israel, etc.

Amazing that they seem to justify Al Qaeda, etc. in a way - but at same time seek to distance themselves from those things - but they seem to want to have their cake and eat it too in that kind of argumentation.

The problem with citing western imperialism sins - Crusades, British in India, War in Iraq, colonialism, Zionism and Israel, etc. -

1. is that Islam started it all, when you go back in history to their application of Surah 9:5 and 9:29 (regardless of the specific context, ok - but all Muslim leadership, Caliphs, etc. took those verses as rules for conquering the world up until the Caliphate was abolished in 1924. Abu Bakr carried out 9:5 and the Hadith law of apostasy; Omar carried out 9:29 against Byzantines and Persia; Ummayids continued the same policies, the Abbasids did the same, then the Ottomans also - they always seek to make war and aggressively attack the new territories, it seems.

2. Ottomans sided with Germany in World War 1 and they were the sovereign government over the area of Palestine. They were justly punished for involvement in World War 1. Muslims cannot call the Jews wanting a homeland and agreeing with the original 1948 borders and 2 state solution as "illegal seizure of land", etc. when the Ottomans were the ones who were in charge and they were Muslims and they started the war there by siding with Germany etc. and the Jews bought a lot of the land legally from 1880s onward and the Jews agreed to 1948 borders and the 6 Arab-Muslims countries did not and never did. (except Jordan and Egypt later finally did.)

3. Abdullah said that Usama Ben Laden and Al Qaedah's justification for 9-11 was not against Democracy or western decadence and freedom and sexual sins and drunkenness, etc. but against western foreign policy and Zionism -

the problem with that is in Islam, all of those things are considered one thing/ one enemy, etc. - and Ben Laden was inspired by Sayyid Qutb and Qutb wrote against the west in general - all of it - sexual sins, dancing, alcholol, AND that Muslim world didn't have the Unifying Caliphate anymore - so it could legally call for Jihads, etc. Seems surface level analysis when Muhammad Atta quoted Surah 9:14 in his letters that they found.

Ken said...

Response? any comments ?

David or Sam or someone?

Have you guys seen this -

Seems like a better presentation of Islam -
Some of it Christians can agree with.

but it does claim that Deut. 18 is about Muhammad and that has been disproven so much.