Monday, October 1, 2012

Sheikh Muhammad Zaghmout Calls for "Jihad, Jihad, and More Jihad"

But such incessant calls for the annihilation of Islam's enemies are nothing compared to the dangers of Islamophobia.


JP Prasad said...

Its totally Insane,, how come they broadcast such news in public !

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Where are the scars of jihad that should be evident on the person speaking in this video? This "Shahgk Mohammet Zaghmouth" - or whoever he pretends to be - is a HYPOCRITE and is no fighter for Allah.

Just because he has been beaten (several times) with an "ugly" stick does NOT make him a warrior! Where is his suicide vest?

WHY is he using technology created by Kaffirs? WHY is he wearing crutches upon his eyes? If he truly believes in the miracles of the Qur'an, he would have MORE than capable vision and he could speak to Muslims WITHOUT the use of video and he would not NEED his eyes. Would he not have the strength of 30 men? LIAR!! HYPOCRITE!! KUFR!!

It is NO WONDER that young Muslim men go lusting after ducks and donkeys and six year-old girls (in that order)! SHAME on the impostor in this video for misleading shaheeds with such a poor example. Does he want to live forever? LIAR!!

If this "shahgk" were truly giving his life for jihad he would have already blown himself up at least once and come back for more jihad! No guts, no glory!! KUFR!

NO WONDER Islam is dying! Is the person speaking in this video supposed to be any sort of example for jihadis? No scars? Not dead even ONCE? HYPOCRITE!!

So, the posting of this video is providing a GREAT SERVICE to the house of Islam by exposing these lying "teachers". And before publishing such a video in the future, I hope the "great Shahgk" will demonstrate the truth of jihad by showing us how a true Muslim should become shaheed before coming back to give his life for jihad again so that he can die again and come back to offer himself again for the cause again of Allah, again.


"Shahgk Mohammet Zaghmouth", your jihadis are coming to you to test your faith! Our toys and blood we sacrifice for jihad!

Anonymous said...

Are those Borg cubes in the backdrop?

"You will be assimilated.....because we don't know how to!"

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work in exposing (through its own books) what is nothing more than a vast criminal empire.

Michelle Qureshi said...

I liked his rapid-fire pointing technique, like he's got semi-automatic pistol fingers. I'll have to use that sometime.

Unknown said...

Borg cubes...LOL
Look more like the Puzzle Boxes in Hellraiser though...

Luke said...

What is "the Ka'ba" referred to in the video that the killing of Allah views as less of a crime than killing or pilfering a muslim.

Lindert said...

The Ka'ba is the building in Mecca that contains the Black Stone. Muslims worldwide pray in the direction of the Ka'ba and when they go on the pilgrimage to Mecca they walk around it.

Before Muhammad conquered Mecca, the Ka'ba was used as a pagan shrine and contained hundreds of idols, including the Black Stone. According to muslims however, the original Ka'ba was built by Abraham. (There is no evidence of this)