Saturday, October 27, 2012

U.K. Debate Trip in November! Support Needed!

For those of you who have been telling me to come to the U.K., your request is granted. The Muslim Debate Initiative has set up a debate series in London, Brighton, and Birmingham, which will take place the last week of November. We have some excellent topics (including "Is Islam a Threat to Modern Society?"), so you won't want to miss the debates. I'll most likely try to arrive a few days early so that I don't miss an action-packed day at Speakers' Corner. I'll be doing some speaking and training when I'm not debating, so if anyone has any requests, let me know before my schedule fills up. (For those of you who can't make the events, everything will be posted on YouTube.)

I'll post a complete schedule when all the details have been finalized.

Traveling from the U.S. to the U.K. is expensive (plane tickets are around $900), especially when I'll need to be there for a week. Please chip in if you can.


minoria said...

I have just given my contribution but about the MDI....their debaters are not really interested in evolving.Several times they have been shown to be wrong on technical pts and they repeat the same errors again in other debates.

When I am shown I am wrong on X technicality(having verified it if I was wrong)then I admit it.

You see the same thing with SHABIR ALLY.Regarding PAUL WILLIAMS,in a video he was talking negatively of Jesus because of the Pagan woman incident.

He said Jesus had called her a DOG.Williams should know by now that the GREEK word is NOT DOG but LITTLE DOG,and even PUPPY.I think he does but he knows his audience does not.Ok,here is my explanation(from all possible angles) of it all.It is in FRENCH,translate using GOOGLE TRANSLATE:

"Did Jesus insult a pagan woman?"

Guys,check out these 2 solutions to "problems" pointed out by Muslims/skeptics.They really troubled me before:

"John the Baptist as Elijah?Does it prove Christianity False?"

"The Genealogy Issue:Is there a Contradiction between the Genealogy of Matthew and of Luke?"

minoria said...

Thinking it more,I remember SHABIR ALLY saying the same thing,Jesus called a pagan woman a DOG.He certainly knows the Greek word is little dog,it is in the diminutive.And he will say it again in the future in other debates.

Guys,also check out this article about PASTERNAK(Jewish writer,author of DOCTOR ZHIVAGO) and his ADMIRATION for Jesus.It is in FRENCH,translate using GOOGLE TRANSLATE:

Koala Bear said...

To warn you they have muslim bodyguards at Speakers Corner. Nasty looking thugs who keep people away from their hate preacher. I went there a few months ago and while one screams at you the others do not give you a chance to speak. Can you believe one told me that mohammed fed 5000!!! Will definitely come and watch :)

As for their article about Suffolk I couldn't read it without my bloodpressure raising. They scumbags hacked the Churches Together website a while ago and put a muslim sign in its place - that shows their fear of Christianity.

Selecta Mark said...

Great news David about you finally visiting my home city Birmingham. I look forward to seeing you in November safe journey bro.

yoget said...

Go gettem Brother David!

kenmehms said...

Fantastic news, can't wait.

Please keep us posted re dates etc.

I would love to donate. What is the bet way to do this?

God bless you, my wife and I are very excited. It will be interesting to see you on speakers corner. We go there most weeks with Jay Smith and team.

kenmehms said...

Oh, I forgot to mention.

The questions we get the most from Muslims is to do with the so called pornographic language and violence in the Bible.

It would be great if these topics were addressed.

David Wood said...

The PayPal link works best.

David Wood said...


Did you watch my "Eastwooding Muhammad" video? If Muslims object to language in the Bible, they've got some answering to do when it comes to the words of their prophet and his companions!

Unknown said...

Hi David I'm interested in your training course, will that be in London?

kenmehms said...

Thanks David will do.

I have seen it, but the problem is that Muslims like to keep repeating the same questions.

They do this mainly when they find they have no answers , they quickly switch topic and bring up the so called immoral and violent passages.

Your videos are great and your series you do on ABN with Sam Shamoun have been a great blessing.



Jesus is Lord said...

@David Wood God bless you brother David for the works that you do.

Copyrat said...

Hi David,

I just "chiped in" for your visit here in UK.
Could you please let us know when and where you will be speaking. The Muslim Debate Website does not mentioning your event at all. Don't wanna miss this exciting opportunity.
Thanks !

Copyrat said...

Hi David,

just "chiped in". COuld you please let us know when and where you will be speaking? The Muslim Debate Website you are referring to does not mentioning you at all. I don't wanna miss the opportunity to see you live on stage :-)

Unknown said...

I would give if I could. I work for a company that is muslim owned. They have suspended me pending termination. So I haven't worked since July. I will go to court in November and I hope I win. It I win I will get my life back on track and will give money to something like this. They are bringing in more and more muslims to my country everyday. They are even taking our jobs.

kenmehms said...

Just chipped in. Worked well, so know what to do in future.

Please also let me know where you will be when you visit uk, particularly London.

Cant't wait.

Baron Eddie said...

I don't know why I don't see the link for the pay!

I also used Internet Explorer but the same thing ... I want to chip in also

Haecceitas said...

One of the best ways to let people in the UK know about these debates would be if you could participate in Premier Christian Radio's "Unbelievable?" program just like Nabeel did during your previous visit to the UK. Are you planning to contact the host Justin Brierley and ask if that would be possible?

SGM said...

May God use you mightily for His honor and glory and protect you in your travels. May He give you strength and wisdom to defend the faith.

Will you be posting videos of these debates for those of us in the U.S.A?

SGM said...

I just read on the post that you will be posting these debates. It is always good to read the whole thing.


Hello every one,
David thanks for coming to United Kingdom, I just came to United Kingdom yesterday via PIA. I am in Manchester. I was so glad that you are doing some debates with muslim friends in united kingdom. First of all while i am living in United Kingdom, it will be great opportunity for me to see Brother David in person. Second I want to come to London for these debates, but I cannot see time and dates for these debates. Kindly someone tell me the dates and time and full address of the venue where these debates are happing. So i can make my trip to UK, a memorable, and learn something from Brother David.
David has written that he is running some training courses while he is not debating, please someone can tell me how to enrol on them.
At last I want to say, that if someone living in London can accommodate me as paying guest for week, while these training and debates are going on, kindly get in touch via mail, soon i will update my pay as you go mobile no.
Thanks for helping your Christian brother, your co-operation in this matter will be highly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Boota Singh,

Unknown said...

David I'll be in the UK too...My wife came from a Muslim background and I called u guys several times in Jesus or Muhammad...It would be a great pleasure...Is good for u guys to come hopefully next stop Indonesia!

Moun said...

Hi ! David.where can i find your previous free mp3 debates with Muslims Apologists?

Haecceitas said...


There are free programs and online services that can convert Youtube videos into mp3 files. You can try to find one of those and get mp3s from David's debates that are on Youtube.


my uk phone no:07579107217.

Anonymous said...

I would support you David but I'm currently broke.

Selecta Mark said...

Is David Wood still coming to the UK? I was under the impression he was coming in November,bit concerned I may have missed finalised details because November is almost over! Can anybody fill me in?