Friday, September 21, 2012

U.S. Closes Several Diplomatic Facilities in Preparation for More Violent Protests

I don't get it. Why would the U.S. government be so worried about Friday? Don't they know that Friday is the Muslim day of prayer, and that, since Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, Muslims are bound to be more peaceful and tolerant on Fridays?

(CNN) -- Several diplomatic facilities were shuttered Friday as many braced for intensified protests over the anti-Islam movie "Innocence of Muslims," as well as recently published cartoons in a French publication of a figure resembling the Prophet Mohammed.

Demonstrations have raged for days as many in the Muslim world are angry about the U.S.-made film that mocks Mohammed and about the French cartoon. And some believe that Friday prayers, a time of protest recently in the Middle East and North Africa, could add fuel to the fire. (Continue Reading.)


SGM said...

I agree that we should take precautionary measures against those moslems who are rioting all over the world. However, I don’t understand that why our government who along with moslems promote that Islam is a religion of peace still does not get it that it is not a religion of peace after getting proof after proof every single day.

Mr. Osama Obdallah, why such a peaceful religion is so violent all over the world. If it is not a film, it is the cartoons, if it is not the cartoons then it is Christians who are falsely being accused of burning Quran. If it is not that then it is some thing else. Followers of Islam, supposedly a peaceful religion, always find an excuse for violence. It should be the other way around. If Islam is actually a peaceful religioin, it should find every excuse to be peaceful, but unfortunately it is just the opposite. It is obvious that it is the most violent religion in the world.

I don’t see Hindus or Sikhs or Buddhists or Mormons or Jews or Christians around the world finding excuses to be violent. But yet, Mr. Osama Obdallah thinks that we are the bigots. I don’t see one word from him or any other apologist condemning these atrocities which moslems are committing every day around the world.

However, we have our peace in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have many relatives in a moslem country who are living in fear every single day. I pray for all those who are suffering around the world by the hands of moslems. May the Lord our God keep His hand of protection on them and keep them safe including our troops. All honor and glory and praise be to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Melvyn Cyrus said...

1.5 billion Chinese in the world. A minority has been protesting against japan for several days now:
- no casualty
- car of US ambassador hassled

1.5 billion Muslims in the world. A "minority" has been protesting for more than a week:
- one US ambassador killed
- death toll already more than 30
- hundreds of wounded

I guess, Muslims should maybe start reading books by Confucius instead of the Qur'an!

joan said...

Don't the muslims have loop holes in their "religion" ? Like it's OK to shave your beard if you need to fool an enemy?