Friday, September 21, 2012

Muslim Cleric Found Guilty of Framing Christian Girl for "Blasphemy"

The problem, of course, is that if police attempt to punish Imam Chishti, they will have to deal with the mob. And Pakistani police aren't very good at dealing with angry mobs shouting "Allahu Akbar."

PAKISTAN--A high-powered team investigating the Rimsha Masih ''blasphemy'' case has found the cleric of a mosque guilty, and has declared Rimsha as innocent due to lack of evidence.

Rimsha, believed to be around 14 years of age and reportedly suffering from some mental disability, was allegedly seen burning pages inscribed with Quranic verses, last month. The news of the desecration spread like wild fire, following which furious locals bashed up Rimsha and her mother. The police later arrested Rimsha on August 16 on the demand of the locals. Rimsha languished in judicial custody for weeks, after which she was released and transferred to an undisclosed location.

The police have now found cleric Khalid Jadoon Chishti guilty of hatching conspiracy against Rimsha who was arrested by the Islamabad police on the former''s complaint, reports The News.

The case took a new turn when a witness said in his statement before the police that the Chishti had added some burnt pages of the Holy Quran to execute his plan to expel the Christian community from the locality, police sources said.

Two other witnesses confirmed the statement, police sources said. (Source)


SGM said...

This is a first where a moslem is officially declared guilty. All registered cases in Pakistan against Christians related to blasphemy law are fake. Christians are falsely accused of desecrating Quranic texts almost 100% of the times. We Christians in moslem countries are used to it and don’t make a big deal of it. This is normal life of a Christian. You never know when a moslem can get mad and accuse you of burning Quran or blaspheming their prophet. Next thing you know there are roits.

I have my brother still living in Pakistan in a moslem majority community. He has found numerous times ripped pages of Quran, especially early in the morning on his front door. Moslems know that he is a Christian and they try to frame him of ripping pages from a quran. So far, by the grace of God he has escaped their snare.

If God’s hand of protection is not on His people all the time, moslems would massacre all Christians in Pakistan and for that matter in any other moslem country.

Thank God that He protected this innocent Christian girl in Pakistan from being killed. All honor and glory and praise be to our Savior and Redeemer, Lord Jesus Christ.

akairey said...

@ DAVID- I don't know how to email you directly, so I hope you see & laugh at this:

jardelle said...

If you want to promote my message about the muslim reactions for the anti-islamic movie you can share my photo from my blog. We cannot be silent, persecution must come to an end for christians. You have a great blog, congratulations!

Deleting said...

Guess hell CAN freeze over after all.

9jaguy said...

hello David, I know this has nothing to do with the article, but I do have a question; in my 1st year religion class, my prof claimed that the Jews suffered more under christian rule in the 600-1600 BC years than under the Muslims. Is this true? According to him,Christianity's reason for persecuting Jews was they thought of Jews as 'Jesus/God killers'. Is this also true?

9jaguy said...

hello David, I know this has nothing do with the article, but I have a question; in my first year religion class, my prof claimed that the Jews suffered more under Christian rule during the 60-1600bc years than under the Muslim rule. Is this true? He claims that the reason for this was that Christians thought of the Jews as 'Jesus/Christ' killers. Is this also true?

John 8:24 said...

Hi everyone - I was searching for a video that was posted on this blog quite sometime back. It was about how Pakistani Muslims are badly treated in other Muslim countries and are better off in Western countries. After searching for a long time I found the same video on Youtube but without the subtitles! Can anyone find that video with subtitles and please let me know? (I want to send it to someone quickly).

Here is the video without subtitles:

Unknown said...

You muslims must have a dreary life! You don't understand satire. You want to kill if some mocks with you what's the problem

Murtadd said...


Did your professor give you any references to check and confirm if these "christians" indeed persecuted the jews for killing their messiah?
Let me give you my opinion and also what the bible says. If a "christian" persecuted and killed the jews then they were following their own ideology and not the bible. There is no biblical reference that could justify and confirm their actions. A true christian follows Jesus' teaching and of course the bible. This is the same Jesus that told us in matthew 5:44 to love our neighbours and pray for those that persecute you. There are many more verses like this but I think you get my angle.
If these christians persecuted Jews, were they really christians because they were doing the opposite of what Jesus taught.
Hope this incite sheds some light on the issue.

In Christ, by Christ, for Christ

D335 said...

well I 'll add a different perspective than you currently have.
I'm not accusing suppressing of evidence or anything else, but only rationality.

First, hadiths. You can clearly understand how muhammad treat all jews and christians during his time and after.
The idea is, no bad treatment can be forced upon you if you are... dead.

Second, history from 600-1600. Yes there might be anti-semitism happening all across the christian communities in the world but totally against what the bible teach.
Futhermore, check history such as Battle of Tours, Charles Martell. You can clearly understand what did the muslim forces doing all across the middle east and majority part of france.
How abdurrahman lost the battle, and what is the "loot" that his generals and commanders were going back for.... the answer is simple, slavery for sex, war campaign etc etc. You must understand that when muslim forces came upon egypt for example, the whole nation is changed, from religion, language, identity,... to the islamic religion arab language and islamic identity.

Now, you can try to compare and decide which is worst, but my only advice is .... get more resource. Rationality works!

Bruce said...

Nice to know that this Muslim's taqqiya (lying for Allah), backfired. However, since it's not a drawing of Muhammad, or, calling a Teddy Bear "Muhammad", OR, having a fact based movie about Muhammad "Innocence of Muslims", NO Muslim will say a thing about it.