Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TheBlazeTV Presents: "The Project"

Should be interesting.
TheBlazeTV--On Wednesday, September 26, TheBlazeTV will launch the first installment of a two-part documentary series exposing an Islamic manifesto now known as “The Project,” which details the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists’ “grand jihad” to methodically subvert and ultimately, take over, the United States and the West.

Drawing on evidence contained in 80 file boxes of documents currently withheld from the American people by the U.S. Department of Justice, “The Project” confirms an array of oddities Americans are witnessing today, including an increase in political correctness with regards to Islam, the cooling of the U.S.-Israel relationship, and the warming of relations between the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Be sure to to tune into TheBlazeTV (live or on demand) or DISH channel 212 both Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. ET for this never-before told story. The chilling two-part documentary features interviews with Rep. Michele Bachmann, “Blind Sheik” prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, Islam expert Stephen Coughlin and Blaze contributor Erick Stakelbeck among others.

An exclusive sneak-peek is featured below:


akairey said...

@ David-
I'm also putting this info on FB as well as notifying them to contact you because you and the others (spencer, geller) have been at it longer and warning us all!! Keep an eye out!

Radical Moderate said...


Well I guess the left has 9-11 conspiracy theories why not the right.

I will hold my tongue on most of this but i will point out that the first segment.,

US Global competitiveness 2008-2009 lists the US at the top over countries in Europe and Singapore.

Then it lists US Global Competitiveness in 2001- 2012

It lists the US at the bottom of that list.

Putting aside the obvious that no source is cited, not to mention what criteria did they use to determined Global Competitiveness and of coarse what happened to 2010-2011.

I will just point out what should be most obvious to to everyone.

Every one of those countries listed (not sure on Singapore) has nationalized health care.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Are there transcripts available?

I would like to translate it to reach a broader audience,
and it certainly would help others too.

Btw, I would highly appreciate it, if you could release transcripts of any upcoming videos, it would very
much help the cause.

Peakvistas said...

With reference to the Obama by the numbers video - wow, playing with the statistics like this does NOT help the conservative cause.

The sources are not cited and stats are given without proper comparisons

(for ex. the $'s raised is a huge factor in the # of pre-election fundraisers, as are changes in campaign contribution law - not to mention the role of PACs in the race)

Video's like this are a dis-service to the conservative position because they make it SEEM like there is no real substance behind the charges.