Saturday, September 15, 2012

Muslim Teenager Adel Daoud Arrested for Attempting to Detonate Bomb Outside Chicago Bar

But none of this has anything to do with Islam, even though the Qur'an commands Muslims to kill people who "make mischief" in their lands (which, according to Muslims, the U.S. has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, etc.).

CHICAGO — FBI agents have arrested a man they say planned to set off a car bomb outside a bar in downtown Chicago.

Federal prosecutors say 18-year-old Adel Daoud was arrested Friday night in an undercover operation in which agents pretending to be extremists provided him with a phony car bomb.

The U.S. District Attorney's Office in Chicago said in a news release Saturday the device was inert and the public was never at risk.

Daoud is a U.S. citizen from the Chicago suburb of Hillside.

He was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to damage and destroy a building with an explosive.

Federal prosecutors say the FBI began monitoring him after he posted material online about violent jihad and the killing of Americans. (Source)


Baron Eddie said...

I know why he tried to do that ...

Because We "Christians and Jews" and Al-Mushrikun will abide in the Fire of Hell.
We are the worst of creatures ...

Let's see if Obama will order all Librarians to remove Quran from libraries ...

JP Prasad said...

The Heat is just starting in USA,, There are more than 1100 Islamic Organisations working in north america alone. most of these organisations are located in villages, less populated areas, These organisations recruit people from Middle east n bring them in the name of education into universities, n work very silently.

mkenya said...

Baron Eddie the Qur'an does not need you. You will one day need it and not find it. Make use of it when you still can. The Bible also needs to be remove Luke 19:27 'But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before.'

David Wood said...


Have you ever actually read Luke 19:27? When you did, did you start at verse 11, where the passage begins? And when you read the passage in context, didn't you realize that Jesus is telling a story about a king, and that it's the king in the story who commands his servants to kill those who had rebelled against him? Why then do you go around deliberately distorting the meaning of the text? Does your religion teach you to deceive? Of course it does!

Baron Eddie said...


Are you serious?

So the Quran is peaceful because of Luke 19:27 !

You got the answer already from Mr. Wood

When I read Quran, I don't explain it as I wish but

I read exegesis of Muslims ... try to do the same

when you read the Bible ...

Anonymous said...

hey Kenya what do I need the Koran for?

is it to learn about the god your imagining?

Unknown said...

mkenya ... really? read the BIBLE! You don't know a thing. Your so called religion is a hate filled murderous non peaceful thing. Read the BIBLE in full and you will find GOD to be your father of love, Jesus Christ died on the cross for you. GOD gave you free will to be able to make your own decisions, even the decision to choose another as a false god. Does yours? No! He commands you to kill for him and H and not a god at all!

D335 said...


YES LEARN ENGLISH FIRST! not some kenyan english!.

When you point Luke 19 verse 27, why don't you read Luke 19 verse 11 first before you skip ahead.

Learn the meaning of PARABLE. Will do you some good one day :p

Samatar Mohamed said...


you took the verse out of context. If you start earlier in the chapter you will see it is a parable.

@Baron Eddie

Regardless of why he did it, he is wrong and it isn't justified in Islam.

Anonymous said...

hey Samatar what do you think about this kid who's mind has been destroyed by Islam and is problaby going to do some heavy prison time?

Are you really evading again?