Monday, June 11, 2012

Was the Qur'an influenced by Human Sources?

Muslim apologists tend to claim that Muhammad lived in a totally isolated and backward community and location and consequently had not access to the philosophical or scientific knowledge of the outside world. Hence the Qur'an is a miracle!



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simple_truth said...

It would be quite difficult to exclude influences from outside of Mohammad's immediate surroundings, given that he traveled to distant areas as a merchant where he could pick up many stories about Christians and Jews and couple that with the fact that he lived around and among Jews and Christians in Arabia. It makes even more sense given that there were heretical sects that moved outward from the main areas of Christian and Jewish influence to avoid intolerance to the doctrines and pressures nonconformity to the orthodox groups. The only question left to determine is how much influence these groups had on Mohammad's impression and understanding of Orthodox Jewish and Christian texts and doctrines.