Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rental Car

Leaving tomorrow for Michigan!

The donations so far are more than enough to cover our tracts (which turned out to be $942), as well as all of our expenses while we're in Michigan (so there's no need to contribute any more funds to the other Chip In). The only expense we don't have covered yet is the rental car. Some of you have said you'd like to chip in, so here goes!


***UPDATE*** Thanks everyone! The car's covered.


simple_truth said...

David, For how long will you leave this donation request open?

I will donate, but not at this moment. I am sure that there are others who are in the same position.

I pray that you are protected from harms way while driving and that you have a successful time ministering at the Festival. Also, hope that you can make headway with the the law suit in Dearborn while you are there.

Looking forward to seeing you on Jesus or Mohammad too.

May God protect you and your family and everyone ministering in Dearborn.

simple_truth said...

Never mind. I see the deadline on the ChipIn meter.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Good Speed!!!