Friday, May 18, 2012

Wafa Sultan vs. Omar Bakri on Human Rights Under Sharia

Here are some subtitled clips from an Arabic debate on ABN. When I debate Muslims in the West, my opponents usually try to argue that Islam promotes Western values, while I show from their sources that the opposite is true. In this debate, however, Sheikh Omar Bakri admits much of what Islam's critics strive to demonstrate.


Tatersalad said...

While everyone is talking about Rev. Wright, conservatives hating women and Barack Obama being gay, the President is working to bring down the King of Jordan.

Unknown said...

The alarming thing about this is that global jihadists think they are so strong that tagiyya is being lifted and it does not matter if they declare their true intentions. Global jihad leaders have declared the West conquered for Islam; and, whether it is premature or not, many jihadists are being more blatant. When we see their Leftist, Liberal (supremacist) elitist allies being plundered and "made to feel subdued" (even killed as they were in Iran), then we will know the sign of the times.

Leo said...

I've been sitting here for like 15 minutes and thinking about what sentence I should use to show my ... (don't know what word I should use)

But this is really disturbing.

Koala Bear said...

Have you watched this series?

Part 1 - Islam's "12th Imam" (2.17.11)
Part 2 - Islam's "12th Imam" (2.17.11)
Part 3 - Islam's "12th Imam" (2.17.11)

Very interesting.

Luke said...

Great post!! Clearly shows that Islam is NOT a "religion of peace" as they claim. :)

blessed z said...

Luke Martin, yes, certainly Islam is not religion of peace, especially if you read the next post: Muslim persecution of Christian.

blessed z said...

And I hope barrack Hussein Obama watch this video so he stop his disgusting statement to say Islam is a tolerant religion. It is obviously the most intolerant religion in the world.

PETE said...

@ Sheikh Omar..

Tq very much for proving that Islam is not religion of peace.. Also proving that Islam bring more chaos, war, hatred, and taqiya to non-muslims country.

Seem that rumour 'All human kind are equal in Islam' just a rusbish'.

MAS said...

Hypocrite as usual. Why should non-Muslims give a damn to your belief and live under your ugly rules? How you're superior to non-Muslims? Because you grow beard, wear long dress and pray five times a day?

You Muslims always say Allah created everything in the earth including human. Then how stupid your Allah is to separate his own creatures as Muslims and non-Muslims? And asking Muslims to kill non-Muslims. He is almighty. Then why doesn't he himself kill non-Muslims? From these things it's clear that your Allah is Mohammad and he's powerless. That's why he asks his thugs to kill non-Muslims in the name of Allah. Worse creature of human race. Shame on you Bakri.

illuzillu said...

To get the full commentry

Michael Schueckler said...

I'm not so sure this video proves anything.

If I simply want to believe that Islam respects human-rights maybe that's all that is required for it to be so.

Maybe in the different ways Omar Bakri said it I still might consider that Islam considers men, women, muslims and non-muslims equal.