Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference Videos

There are still more videos to be posted, but here are some of the presentations from the conference.










Anonymous said...

David, I really hope you and your crew bring the knowledge of Jihad to the public.

Anonymous said...

you have just made me earn more respect for you with two son seriously ill and you still do what you are doing

D335 said...

another news from Indonesia,.... riot, islamic killings... boring boring boring......
BUT WAIT A SECOND, who's that on the picture ???

IRSHAD MANJI ? Houris = raisins ABC feminist?

apparently Irshad Manji showed up in Indonesia introducing her new book, "Allah, Liberty and Love".
Too bad Indonesian Islamic Front (FPI) do not share the same opinion and infact, taking down the whole book opening while provoking more unrest in Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Indonesia.

Does Irshad Manji understand how much allah of islam hates women to speak for islam??? and discussing "transgender" and islam in the same conference too!

Kufar Dawg said...

YOu have my sympathies and respect David. I hope your sons get better.

Is it possible you could sue the city of Dearbornistan and its police dept. for violating your civil rights and liberties?

If so I hope you can take these scumbags for every dime they're worth.

blessed z said...

Brother David, I rejoice in the Lord for you and all apologists who stand firmly to defend the word of God from attacks especially the Muslim attacks. Praise God for the knowledge you and other apologists shared to us, especially to us in Asia and in countries where Muslim is majority. Respect to you that you accept whatever God gives you, good and bad, the good knowledge you have from God and the bad health condition your son suffer. And we salute you that in such situation you even shared your knowledge to defend the word of God. We pray for your ministry, your solid team (brother Sam, brother Nabeel, and the rest), and we pray for your family so that God save your family from harm, and God the great physician heal your son.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

YouTube continues to be a TOTAL embarrassment to itself and to free speech. I'll bet none of the jihadi vidz are down. Yes, I know it's private enterprise and YES, I understand Google can do with YouTube as it pleases. However, if the removal of the conference vidz is related to some bias against freedom of speech then the once mighty YouTube is giving away its credibility (and usefulness) for the sake of appeasement. The Lord God will raise up who He will raise up and He will cast down who He will cast down. I hope I'm wrong about all of this. I really hope I'm wrong.


Richard said...

David, I heard your video and that of Nonie Darwish.

I was amazed after listening to your video. Thank goodness I do not live in the US or Europe but in a country where we are still relatively safe from this totalitarian religion. But even here it is spreading its monstrous tentacles with its lies and deception.

We have to fight lies with truth and stand united against this evil threat.

Search 4 Truth said...

I was really touched by the young man. He was honest and sincere. He was courageous and sincere! God bless him!

Living Way said...

Brother, heartfelt prayers go out from us to your family and ministry.