Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Honor Killing in Sweden (But Don't Talk about It)

The West is in a strange predicament. Honor killings are on the rise, and they show no sign of declining anytime soon. Yet whenever we speak out against honor killings, we're called "racists," "bigots," "hate-mongers," "Islamophobes," etc. So we can either ignore the practice (in which case the killings will continue unimpeded), or we can speak out and be condemned by just about everyone.

I'll take the second option.

SWEDEN--A 19-year-old woman was found stabbed to death in her apartment in southern Sweden on Monday night and police have since arrested her younger brother on suspicion of murder.

The woman was found dead just before midnight on Monday in her apartment in Landskrona in southern Sweden, with multiple stab wounds to her body.

“It’s horrible in there,” said a police member to the Aftonbladet newspaper, reporting that blood traces ran from the room to the elevator.

The woman, who had previously lived in a foster home after escaping from family problems, had celebrated her 19th birthday in the apartment recently.

She reportedly moved to the apartment to build a new life for herself after having been plagued by family troubles.

Police arrested the woman’s 16-year-old brother after finding him outside the apartment, according to the paper.

It is alleged that the boy killed his sister for disgracing their family by having several boyfriends and trying to build a life for herself away from home.

"He thought that she brought shame to the family," a friend of the victim told the paper. (Read more.)

If you missed our ABN special on honor killings, be sure to watch it:


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