Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Edip Yuksel vs. Tony Costa: "Are the Sources of the Qur'an Heavenly or Earthly?"


sheik yer'mami said...

Neither Yuksel or Costa mentions that Islam is pure replacement theology.

A fatwa posted on Daniel Pipes site says "Muslims can use Bible for cleaning after defecation…" which would have been handy for a Yuksel smackdown.

Islam doesn't come from "Salaam' and it doesn't mean peace, and Allah is not G-d, as we well know from Malaysia, where Christians are forbidden to use the word 'allah' because it could 'confuse' the muslims.

Dk said...

O.k. overall not an impressive debate due red herrings and constant smokescreens, begging the question and ridiculous assertions and anachronisms.

Yuskel here is the stuff I laughed at.

"Tertullian was the leader of the nicean conference and he decided what gospels were good he decided the Trinity."

1) Tertullian didn't exist at this time.

2) Nicea had nothing to do with canonization of gospels or scripture.

3) Trinitarian beliefs were not invented by Tertullian, they were described and expounded by him.

The next funny comment "I teach logic at an educational level" while holding up the book "Nineteen".

The other funny stuff included assertions about Paul corrupting Christianity without any evidence.

No response to the clear points made by Costa that the Quran borrows from pre-existing sources other than "they could have been part of the revelation sent down before". But how does he know that?

And how does he know which gospels have parts of the remaining revelation that was uncorrupt?

Can he offer evidence e.g. that the gospel of Thomas was corrupted but contain remnants of truth?

Obviously a plethora of errors that cannot be all written down.

His reasoning or position was not well defended. Think we need better debaters on this show.


characterbuilder said...

Dr. Costa is a very impressive debater ... one of the best out there!

The Incredible Actor said...

Again another christians wins the debate b scholarly argumentation.

I always have to hear to believe that muslims still argument with the old "the Quran sais so" argument. I really really amazed.

Saying that the Quran has never been changed and all that stuff, sounding like an old record.

Islam is for ignorant people who want to stay ignorant, just to dream of the heaven where perpetual virgins are having sex with them all day long.