Saturday, March 3, 2012

Senior Afghan Cleric Threatens "Storm of Fury" if Quran Burners Aren't Given Public Trial

Now you see why Western nations should never, ever elect leaders who pander to Muslims.

KABUL - Afghans will never accept US justice for five American soldiers involved in burning copies of the Koran, and could rise up in a "storm of fury" if there is no public trial, a senior cleric said on Saturday.

The burning of Korans at a NATO air base has incensed the Muslim nation and sparked protests, complicating efforts by the United States to forge a long-term security pact with Afghanistan ahead of an end-2014 foreign combat troop pullout.

"The military leaders who ordered the burning and the offenders should both be tried and punished ... This evil crime has been done inside Afghanistan so the punishment must be according to the country's law," Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, head of an Afghan group comprising clerics and parliamentarians investigating the incident, told Reuters. (Source)


Joe Bradley said...

It looks like all of that bowin' and scrapin' didn't do the United States any good. We have got to have the dumbest leaders in the world. After all that has gone on over these Qu'ran burnings and they still think they can salvage something out of it without sacrificing their troops who were just following orders. While the Uniform Code of Military Justice is all well and good, If Obama and General Allen ignore it in favor of public trials in Afghanistan it won't do any good.

If General Allen were any sort of a Marine, he would have resigned as Commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan instead of apologizing in one of the most disgusting displays I have ever witnessed. Chesty Puller rolled over in his grave over that one.

It's time to pull ALL American presence out of Afghanistan and start carpet bombing.

proof for god said...

Let the Muslims govern themselves; we should engage them using military means only if a Just War Theory is utilized in such a decision. The only way to promote real change in brutal Islamic cultures is through prayer and evangelism. Muslims need the God of Love, truth, and forgiveness who is revealed in the Bible. Our leaders must ignore inane shariah laws and only apply truth and justice. Burning a Qur'an is not illegal under US law and having one less book of hate in the world can only make the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

Agian I have two wprds for the Ajghan clerics


and O yes

Allahu Akbar

But don't forget with Super dhimmie in the White House it may just happen :-(

Where is Ronals Reagon now that he is needed?

aussie christian said...

It won't stop there, if they get their public trial, then they will threaten another "storm of fury" if they are not executed in public. Then they will demand on threat of "storm of fury" jizia and the US becomin a sharia calaphate state. Then they will demand on threat of "storm of fury" all people be forcibly converted to islam on pain of "storm of fury" death.

To paraphrase hamas, all non muslim countries must be muslim free. Its free speach if they are allowed to say all of palastine must be Jew free. If muslims are unable to live in democracy, but believe they must live under sharia, then lets help them relocate to a sharia country, Lybia, Egypt, Tunisia, North Sudan are all sharia complaiant, so there is at least 4 lovely islamic counrties for them to choose from. Or how about Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Lebanon? Surely these countries are much better than us great and little satan countries, or will they be forced to admit they have more freedoms under democracy than sharia? Time to put up or shut up muslims.

Baron Eddie said...

check this video out

Obama should apologize to Shiaa too

Is Shiaa Quran is different from Sunni?

Baron Eddie said...

How come nobody hears about this ...

Where is the media?!

Look Quran is burned ...

Obama needs to apologize to the people of Parachinar!

Baron Eddie said...

Obama needs to apologize to the people of Bahrain!

Baron Eddie said...

Destruction of Mosques in Bahrain!

Doesn't Mosques have Quran in it?

Baron Eddie said...

see how they shoot Quran in Bahrain!

where is the media?

where is Obama?

I think I made my point very clear

The West needs new leadership ...

Unknown said...

Our soldiers are NOT there to enforce Sharia law. They are NOT there as temporary Muslims or as dhimmis. Our soldiers are responsible to the U.S. Military Code of Justice, NOT Sharia law. We need to get our soldiers out of any country where Sharia law is the law of the land as it is in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Unknown said...

Let's write to Congress (

Dear Representative:

Qur'ans were used in Afghanistan as a means of communications by the enemy combatants. Those ciphers/communiques were intercepted, confiscated, and destroyed so the enemy combatants could never have access to them. But, because Sharia law forbids the burning of Qur'ans, our President is apologizing and promising to follow Sharia law instead of U.S. law. The same tactic is used when enemy combatants hold up in mosques, and are assured of a safe place from which to shoot at U.S. troops. The same tactic is used when human shields are used and killed, and the responsibility is placed on U.S. troops instead of those who use human shields and the U.S. pays blood money (prescribed by Sharia law) to the families of human shields, accomplices, and jihadists themselves. Our troops were used like this for ten years with their hands tied and the enemy combatants protected by Sharia law. This weakening and killing off of our troops was only used to procure Islamic democracies with Islamic Constitutions enforced by Sharia law. Now, President Obama has sent our troops to Africa to fight against the only opposition force to the genocidal jihad conquering the oil-rich countries of Africa. This outrageous and seditious waste of the lives and health of U.S. troops must stop.

As a member of the United States Congress, I am asking and expecting you to put an end to enforcement of Sharia law by U.S. troops, to redefine the parameters when fighting against Islamic enemy combatants, to place the responsibility for using human shields, mosques, and Qur'ans squarely on the shoulders of those who use them, and to prohibit and forbid U.S. troops from being subjected to Sharia law, officially or unofficially. Let U.S. troops only be used to support the U.S. Constitution, let them only be answerable to U.S. law, and only be deployed when the safety of U.S. citizens is in eminent jeopardy. Station U.S. troops at U.S. borders and stop them from being used as pawns in the Muslim Brotherhood's global jihad.

Davidsmountain .^. said...


If we really want to see a "storm of fury", let's put the prophet and his book of jihadi fiction, on public trial in a world court, for crimes against humanity and the serial killing of over 270 million and still counting, victims of Islamic jihad!

It's high time the Muslim hypocrites, stop living in arrogant denial of the long, ugly legacy of the atrocities, committed in the name of Islamic jihad. After a short trial, the verdict will be inevitably, "GUILTY, as charged!"

As punishment, ALL Muslims will SUBMIT to immediate arrest, detainment at a central processing facility, to await expedited deportation and permanent banishment, from ALL non-Muslim countries! A 1400 year old murderous crime spree in progress, calls out for justice TODAY!

agrammatos said...

Mr. Woods,

If I recall correctly, and please correct me if I'm not recalling correctly, you have stated in one of your videos that it is permitted to destroy the Qur'an in any one of the following three fashions:

1) blotting out (rubbing out or erasing so that the parchment may be used as a palimpsest, I assume).

2) burying

3) burning

Now, admittedly, the intent of this may be different than what occurred in the incident that has raised this topic.

What we need to know is whether or not the defacement of the 46 or so Qur'ans by the inscriptions written upon them by the hypocritical devout practitioners of that religion constituted sufficient cause to properly destroy those Qur'ans by burning.

Please, Sir, your comments would provide helpful teaching in this regard.

sincerely yours because of HIM,
pj aka agrammatos