Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Muslim Receives Two-Year Sentence for Torturing and Murdering Daughters for "Honor"

Media whitewashes Islam in three . . . two . . .

IRAQ--Near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, a father doused his three teenage daughters with boiling water and shot them because, he told a court, he suspected they were having sex. Two died.

He said he killed them to defend his honor.

Murder in Iraq can carry a death sentence but under laws that activists say are far too lenient for so-called “honor killings”, the father was jailed for just two years. Medical examinations showed the girls were virgins.

The light sentence was a result of Article 409 of Iraq’s penal code which is often used in cases of “honor killings” by men. Women’s activists in Iraq, led by the only woman in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s cabinet, Minister of State for Women’s Affairs Ibtihal al-Zaidi, are lobbying to change the law.

But they say they face entrenched tribal values in a country where parliament includes many men from conservative parties.

For decades Iraqi women have enjoyed more freedoms than women in many other countries in the Middle East. They are generally free from the strict enforcement of dress codes or restrictions on movement, and can join political life.

But conservative tribal norms still prevail and all too often girls or women are punished by relatives for what are perceived to be crimes of honor. (Read more.)

Did you catch that? Honor killings have nothing to do with Islam. Instead, they are the result of "tribal values." Anyone ever noticed that the same "tribal values" affect women across the Muslim world, even though they all come from different tribes? What's the only common factor in these killings?

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Grant Kelly said...

David it's truly hard to believe people still deny honor killings transcend nation and culture and directly derive from Islamic imperatives.

Wait no it isn't.

The politically correct disease of "don't say it like it is" is EVERYWHERE.

Sorry that was bigoted of me.

I apologize.

Honor killing is definitely cultural and not religious.


Derek Adams