Friday, March 30, 2012

Algerian Man Honor Kills Daughter for Having Photos of Actors on Her Cell Phone

But don't ever forget that all cultures are equal.

ALGERIA--An Algerian man used a kitchen knife to slaughter his 16-year-old daughter after discovering pictures of American and Turkish actors in her mobile phone.

The man, identified as B. Majeed, sent his second wife and her children to her family so he could be left alone with his teen age daughter, Lidya.

“After finding photographs of some American and Turkish actors in her mobile phone, the father decided to kill his daughter and made plans for the murder,” the Algerian Arabic language daily Al Nahar said.

“When he was alone with her at home, he grabbed her and put the knife on her neck…he then slaughtered her like a sheep.”

The paper said the man, who had Lidya from his first wife, then phoned the police and surrendered to them. (Source)

If you didn't catch our ABN special on honor killings, be sure to watch it:


viprayami said...

If you care/dare please go through the material i found

viprayami said...

please go through this if you care/dare

Mary said...

". . . then phoned the police and surrendered to them."

These men commit murder and then call it in to make sure it is declared an "honor" killing so they can get away with it.

Kufar Dawg said...

I wonder how many stories like these we don't ever hear/read about? Especially consider our MSM is committed to lying and obfuscating the ugly truth about the "religion of peace."

Koala Bear said...

My ex who wasn't even practising admitted he would kill his sister if she dared to leave the death cult. His precise words were "I would cut her f***g tits off first" and he was supposedly "moderate: Algerian muslim.

Sunil said...

Only one point I think the programme went slightly off the mark is complete rejection of multi-culturalism. I am a follower of Christ from India. India is multi-cultural with various cultures based on state, region, caste etc. One thing I always see with amusement is the way the followers of Jesus from every culture are able to worship Jesus using their own music, life styles etc (like tribals singing/dancing tribal songs on Jesus etc). In fact it is religions like Islam who have fundamental problem with multi-culturalism. Christ's salvation can be recieved/celebrated in any culture. The only caveat with multi-culturalism is that there should be no moral violations in the name of cultural relativism (like honor killings). To be a follower of Jesus, there is no mandate to an American/western 'melting pot'! Is there any problem if an Indian uses an uniquely Indian style of singing, in America, to praise God? Absolutely not, I would think. Culture is a much broader term and a lot of it is things like music, arts etc (morally neutral). Complete rejection of multi-culturalism can be misinterpreted as rejection of fine/nice creative aspects of various cultures. Hope you can clarify.