Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Killed Muhammad? (LiveLeak)

In case anyone missed this a few months ago . . .


Dragostea said...

Amazing classic video

Anonymous said...

deedat slow death was over three years....muhammads slow death was over three years.....interesting correlation?

apran said...

How can a person know his/her aorta has been cut or severed? I think nobody can know that.
And what would be the effect of the severed aorta? I think it is not like the symptoms of what Muhammad had.
But why did Allah threaten Muhammad of cutting his aorta?
It shows that Quran was made by the Arab people who didn't have much knowledge and believed about death by severed aorta. And that was reflected in Quran and hadiths.

WhatsUpDoc said...

Ha ha great video evergreen. One of my three favorites along with the sermon and the first burn the Koran day-Genius work.

Zack_Tiang said...


I think it doesn't matter whether a man can 'know'/'feel' his aorta being cut.. because for Muslims, Muhammad was a prophet, THE final and most 'awesome' prophet to end all prophets, e.g. Allah's 'best' man.

So, for a Muslim, what Muhammad says must be taken as more precious than gold.
So, Muhammad's aorta was being cut just as Muhammad said he felt.

Anonymous said...

"Col mustard wouldn't poison anybody he would use a lead pipe in the ball room"


Only if the prophet had a Clue.


WhatsUpDoc said...

I won't be surprised if these poor solders face the trial. I think we should pack up and leave and let them kill each other. We should not give them any food aid either rats will just multiply with it.