Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Three Stages of Jihad (LiveLeak)

I've been transferring my videos to LiveLeak as a backup. Most of you have already watched my "Three Stages of Jihad" video. However, if you get a chance, please watch it again on LiveLeak. I need to start building up hits and subscribers so that when YouTube eventually removes my channel, the transition won't be so messy. (Plus, the material in the video is essential, so it's good to watch it more than once.)

On a positive note, LiveLeak allows us to provide far more text with a video than YouTube does. Hence, I was able to post the video along with the material from my "Jihad" tab.


PETE said...

Hmm.. If Islam is the truth, why muslims banning criticism of Islam?

Seems that Islam is false religion and a lots of video that David transfer to youtube was full of evidents that come from muslims sourses.

Thats why muslims must banning criticism of Islam.

Play unfair ha..?

Anonymous said...

Make a video telling your subscribers on your youtube channel how to find you on LiveLeak.

Made a video so they can find you there and put a link to your Liveleak account.

JBaker45 said...

Unfortunately, my iPad is not compatible with LiveLink (Apple is stll a wee bit "flash media" phobic).

But I will be sure and check this out when I get home to a real computer - lol

David, I have heard what you have said on this subject before. You, Sam Shamoun, and James White, all seem to be seeing the same things in your studies of Islam. And I must say that I too am reaching the same unavoidable conclusions.

Ironically, I am sitting hear watching a T.V. news personality explain to me how the peaceful Quranic verses are "jumbled up" with the violent ones, which makes it easyer for moderate muslims to pick and chose the pieces of the Quran that suit them.

Obviously this person does not understand that the chapters of the Quran are not arranged in time-sequential order. Once put in their proper order, the three phase stand out quite clearly.

God bless,