Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Michigan Lecture on Terrorism Evacuated Due to Bounty on Speaker

Western Muslims tell us that our worries about Islamic violence are absurd. And yet we're not even free to discuss Islamic violence. Seems to prove the point, doesn't it?

Bounty on speaker clears HS auditorium: woodtv.com

ALLEGAN, Mich. (WOOD) - The Allegan High School auditorium was evacuated Thursday evening after authorities became aware of a bounty on the head of a speaker scheduled to appear at an event there.

Allegan Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Harness said the auditorium had been rented out for an event paid for by Allegan County Commissioner Bill Sage. It was not a school event.

The speaker was Kamal Saleem. Saleem claims he is a former terrorist. He travels around the country speaking at events.

Just before the event, police were made aware of a $25 million bounty on Saleem's head by Sage, authorities said.

Saleem's bodyguard told police that Islamic terrorists who follow the teaching of the Quran that have been directed to behead Saleem.

Allegan Police Chief Rick Hoyer told 24 Hour News 8 said that when police learned that information, they felt they did not have enough officers to make the event safe.

"We did not have adequate info to provide a safe environment for this event," Hoyer said.

Hoyer said that attendees did not want to leave the event at first.

"People in the audience were upset. They were concerned we were trying to censor them," said Hoyer. "We assured them we were not trying to censor them or step on their First amendment rights."

There were 3 other school-sponsored sporting events at which students were present going on in the school at the time of the event. Attendees of those sporting events were not evacuated.

Sage's event was called "Constituting Michigan - Founding Principles Act." The event was scheduled for 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

According to a web page administered by Sage, Saleem was going to speak about his life as a hired terrorist and committing acts against the United States.

Rep. Dave Agema of Michigan's 74th District was also scheduled to speak about a bill called American Law for American Courts -- labeled HB4769 -- which states that only American constitutional law may be used in American courts. (Source)


Search 4 Truth said...

CAIR Was behind getting it shut down! it was a scare tactic and it worked!

We at Koome therefore would like to clear the air with our account of THE FACTS as we know them: Kamal’s bodyguard was questioned by local authorities about an alleged 25 million dollar price on his head. he responded with… “NO one can verify or deny these claims and we certainly can’t put an amount to these claims. It is true Kamal has had several death treats from what we believe are Islamic extremist, but in our five years of speaking events representing Koome Ministries we have NEVER had an incident…not one!” He then tried to assure the Police Chief there is no cause for alarm. What we are questioning today is… was there some form of insider information? Information has come to us that the Police Chief had received a call from the CAIR organization. The truth remains to be seen; was the event shut down for public safety or was the politically correct attitude of “tolerance” or scare tactics applied to authorities by CAIR?

Kufar Dawg said...

I'd hate to think what Islam would be like if it wasn't a religion of peace.

janey said...

Seems to me that if the audience was made aware of the threat (and they were) and chose to stay (which they attempted to do) then the presentation should have been allowed to continue. Am I missing something?

andy bell said...

Ya know what I love most about muslims....the fact that they love to rationally iron out differences. They love to debate in a civilized manner.

There's never a time when they resort to violence.

Ahhhhhh.....them muslims.

TPaul said...

The report did not mention if Saleem apostated from Islam. Would this be one of the reasons he has a bounty on his head?
On the other hand, I cannot see a ex-terrorist become 'moderate', speak out about koranic verses being used for violent purposes, as these so called moderates love to whitewash Islam for the consumption of the gullible spiritually starved west.
Only allah knows best ... wink!

Truth Defenders said...

There was NO treat, it was simply an infringement upon Freedom of Speech.

Kamal’s unarmed body guard had explained that, along with the issue “of the rumors” to the officers in detail, about the price on his head and that it was a rumor from 5 years ago!
See link: