Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has the Qur'an Been Perfectly Preserved? (LiveLeak)



Anonymous said...

To call this embarrasing would be an understatement.

Samatar Mohamed said...

Nabeel Qureshi (one of the people in the video) had debated Bassam Zawadi on the topic "Has the Quran been preserved". I recommend you all watch the debate, and for those of you who have, then what do you think about the debate.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

This vid makes me wish all over again that I had the money to sponsor you guys on a world tour. Yes, I know this blog is viewed all over the world but I'm well assured the two of you would be fabulous in front of a live audience.

I mean, who else could read the un-holy GRRRAN and portions of the a-Hate-iths and make people howl with laughter?

(No, I don't think the writers of the original, Islamic writings were trying to be funny....)

Kafir And Proud & STILL laughin' out loud!!

Anonymous said...


The real question is do you believe the Koran has been perfectly preserved in spite of the evidence?

"Samatar and his belief in the imaginary"

That would make for a great post on my
blog. let's how he responds.

Dk said...

Samatar said: "those of you who have, then what do you think about the debate."

This link documents many of his errors in the debate and articles in general, and even contains information about certain subjects that Zawadi constantly omits (to make his position look good).