Friday, January 13, 2012

Pat Condell: Human Rights Travesty

This video is from 2010, but it's even more relevant now.


Anonymous said...

We live in interesting times and I see the parallels to 1930s Europe in regards to how we have an insatiable ideology hellbent on oppression and the powers that be trip over themselves to appease the monster. Every day I ask, "How long can we keep lying to ourselves?" Islam will never rest until it gains supremacy over all peoples and snuffs out free will and thought. Darkness is falling over Europe and it is creeping across the Atlantic yet many of us ignore the problem and hope it goes away. These monsters exploit the remorse Western civilization feels over colonization and the horrors of two World Wars to fashion themselves as victims when it is our own culture being victimized. Muslims, from my casual observations, have no psychological capacity for victimhood or remorse because they lack the empathy inherent in Judeo-Christian tradition.

Soon it will come to a point where it is either us and them, and our civilization will have to make the same hard decisions our forebears did seventy years ago. The left can continue to indulge in the delusion of cultural relativism but their naivete and stupidity will make them the first victims of the monster's appetite.

I don't hate Muslims, but I hate what their twisted ideology is turning me into.

Koala Bear said...

@fiery Vulpine - you should read this. Walid Shoebat has nailed it in my opinion.

Osama, Kim et al - read it too.

TAREK said...

Greetings to you all brethren!
I have an issue here dear brothers and sisters. Please help me out I may be the one standing in the wrong side. The issue is as follow:
Ms Kim, Mr. Osama, and the rest of muslims who come in this blog do not reply to any real issue, they keep either insulting or telling us that we are wrong. I remember Ms. Kim answered to one of my questions which was: can anyone put a fridge in a bottle? Obviously she told me that in was not possible. Then I use the opportunity to invite her to Follow our LORD AND MASTER.
Mr. Pat has brought up a real issue which can be easily connected to islam and I read no comment from any muslim. So, my question or issue is: why muslims do not like the truth and the like obstructing those who want to follow the truth? Does Mr. Osama has the brain to think for a minute.....
Well I look forward to hearing from any muslim.

Please dear muslims come to the truth follow the truth for GOD YAHWEH is not violent but LOVING.