Saturday, January 28, 2012

Muslims Stab Two Iranian Apostates . . . in Norway

But who are we to judge? Islamic culture calls for killing apostates. Do Norwegian authorities believe that Western values such as freedom of religion somehow trump Islamic values? Islamophobes! Wait till CAIR hears about this.

NORWAY--Two Iranians who converted from Islam to Christianity were stabbed by masked men in Haugesund last week. The attacker shouted 'Kuffar' (Arabic for non-believer) during the attack.

The attack happened Tuesday evening, when both Christian Iranians were out walking in Haugesund. They were suddenly attacked by three masked men armed with knives, who shouted 'kuffar' while they stabbed the two.

A nurse passing by gave first aid and then an ambulance brought them to a hospital, reports Haugesunds Avis.

According to the police, one of the victims was stabbed twice in the back and the other was stabbed in his side. No perpetrators have been caught.

The two victims want to remain anonymous and have not spoken of the assault. They've lived in Norway for many years. One of them converted in Norway, the other did so in Iran and managed to flee to Norway after he was abused and imprisoned for his faith.

They're both active in a local evangelical church. (Read more.)

If anyone still doubts that the penalty for apostasy in Islam is death, watch this video from a few years ago:


Andish said...

David as a Christian I hate to say your efforts are muted by political correctness. Maybe we have strayed from God so much as a world community that Islam is our punishment.

Anonymous said...

Allah's Gangsters.


Anonymous said...

It's ok Andish God used the Assyrians and then utterly destroyed them.

Van Grungy said...

But never has any kingdom come up and become so mighty by murder and robbery as that of the Turk; and he murders and robs every day, for it is commanded in their law, as a good and divine work, that they shall rob and murder, devour and destroy more and more those that are round about them; and they do this, and think that they are doing God service. Their government, therefore, is not a regular rulership, like others, for the maintenance of peace, the protection of the good, and the punishment of the wicked, but a rod of anger and a punishment of God upon the unbelieving world, as has been said. The work of murdering and robbing pleases the flesh in any case, because it enables men to gain high place and subject everyone’s life and goods to themselves; how much more must the flesh be pleased when this is a commandment, as though God would have it so and it pleased Him well! Therefore among the Turks, too, they are held the best who are diligent to increase the Turkish kingdom and who are constantly murdering and robbing round about them.

Neverrepayevilwithevil said...

It is very clear that this is the command that muslims all over the world are following. Look at Nigeria, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and so on.. They rush to shed innocent blood.. All the lies about no compulsion in religion is just a myth developed by muslims who were too ashamed to follow a very barbaric religion. Their morals are even higher than their prophet's. Islam is definitely not a religion of peace but bloodletting and oppression. If the West does not wake up and call a spade by its name- this denial and sugarcoaying will lead to their downfall. God forbid!

Tom ta tum Tom said...

@Andish: Your comment points to positive things that all of us can do to help thwart the evil of Islam and perhaps mitigate the "judgement" of which you write:

We are the hands and feet of God. Islam is a manifestation of the work of the Enemy (Satan). I think God WILL allow the work of evil if we refuse to do God's work.

So then:

Pursue every possible act of prayer, worship and service to strengthen the Body of Christ and communities of service wherever you work and live. Just make sure you're not supporting some Islamic front group in your works of service. Our service is an expression gratitude for Christ's mercy in our salvation and is an expression of our Love for God and for the people God loves (including Muslims).

Educate anyone who will listen - even Muslims - regarding the true nature of Islam. Help them to see that we must stand together against the evil of Islamic totalitarianism. There IS no freedom - no diversity - in Islam. Bring them to this blog. Show them the "Answering Islam" website and others.

Help Muslims escape from Islam. Muslims are already leaving Islam by the hundreds (maybe more) - every day - all over the world. We don't have to do violence to Muslims in order to deplete the numbers of people who are trapped in the madness of the pseudo-prophet.

Engage with people of good faith, wherever you find them. Islam is strengthened by our unwillingness to connect across language barriers and social barriers. From the poorest of the poor to the most jaded of the wealthy, there ARE people of good faith who are ready to engaged in the counter-jihad. They need to be asked. You may get a lot of "NO's". Don't stop asking.

Do not make the imperfect the enemy of hope. Not everyone may be privileged to the relationship that you and I have with the Living God in Christ. Jesus welcomed imperfect people and many of them became fishers of men. Moreover, many who are not yet blinded by Islam can be helpful in eradicating Islam and - make no mistake - Islam must be eventually, totally eradicated.

Realize that this is war. The enemy we face is merciless and violent. There will be casualties. The enemy we face is very well-funded through drugs, oil, exploitation and slavery. However, not all the money in the world will buy the Love of God in Christ Jesus. The whole WORLD is pleading for the Love of God in His Son. Not everyone who needs Him will accept Him but many will. Only the Body of Christ can offer Christ's precious Love to this broken world. You have something to give that the oil-sheikhs cannot buy.

Understand that this effort will cost everything. By paying a horrible price, prior generations kept us free from Nazi Fascism and Stalinist Socialism and it is our generation that must sacrifice to keep the human race free from Islam. The sacrifices have already begun and their numbers are mounting. This is our time and our calling but we can do this in the Name that is above every name. And we must.

The One Living God has been known to spare nations that repent and do His work in His way. It is not too late for us. We probably deserve even worse than Islam as a punishment for our wretchedness. But DO NOT assume that there are not still plenty of faithful who have not bent their knees to Baal. The fact that we are privileged to still have David and Sam and Pam and Robert and Ali Sina and hundreds of others is testimony to this. Even now, Christ is Lord.

Thank you for being a part of David's wonderful community. Through you, Christ Jesus can make a difference.


curly said...

2 Iranian christian go to the heaven for their faith!