Monday, January 30, 2012

Michael Coren on Fox News Discussing Canadian "Honor" Killings

Absolutely shocking to see such an honest discussion of Islamic teachings on one of the main news networks. Kudos to Fox News, Megyn Kelly, and Michael Coren. Pass this video on to everyone you know.


Witness said...

Firstly, I recently found this site after watching David Wood's debates, which are excellent.

I live in Canada and watched the media coverage on the verdict from the major networks. The anchors kept saying that these killings are "against Islamic teachings." When reporters in front of the courthouse interviewed a local Imam he condemned violence and honour killings, which is great.

But then he reiterated the "this goes against Islamic teachings" line and none of the journalists questioned him. Sheema Khan presented the same argument in today's Globe and Mail:

I couldn't stand the absurdity anymore so I switched to the basketball game. But somebody should ask anyone who says "this has nothing to do with Islam" the following question: In Al-Bukhari Hadith #6400 Muhammad punished a man and a woman for adultery. He sentenced the man to 100 lashes but upon confession he ordered the woman to be stoned to death! Does this not prove that honour killings are part of Islamic teachings?

Now, if we call the crime domestic violence instead of an honour killing, it still constitutes an act permissible in Islam. In al-Bukhari #6413, in response to the necklace scandal, Aisha said Abu Bakr hit her so hard that it was "painful."

Yesterday was a sad day for Canadian journalism...

simple_truth said...

We need more TV exposure to Islam as seen through non-Muslims. If this small exchange could be seen and/or heard regularly, some of the PC stuff would stop or at least could be quarantined. Maybe we could see less of the myth that all religions share equal values and therefore, can't be scrutinized or seen as wrong/immoral or of lesser values, whether strictly moral or not.

WhatsUpDoc said...

Micheal Coren a ray of hope among Dhimmis

TAREK said...

Mr. Michael Coren I'd like to say that you are "Islamophobia"....haahhaa
All the information you have about islam are English version so they are wrong. If you need right information you need to study and read arabic.
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Please Pr. Osama BUFFOON explain to Mr Michael Coren that the honour killing has nothing to do with islam. You'd please tell him that muhammad gave you the trophies of best interpreter.

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aussie christian said...

Hello Witness and welcome.

The muslims standard answers to islam is as follows.
1. its got nothing to do with islam, which means a whole lot of apostates in islam.
2. its not islam, its the culture, which means islam has a whole lot of apostates.
3. they are not following sharia properly, if they followed the real sharia they would be perfect peacefuly pussycats, which means islam has a whole lot of apostates.
4. you spreading hate, tell em to take it up with the newspaper and reporter who first issued the article, linking to an article by another paper is not hate.
5. its misunderstood, islam has a real problem with its adherants misunderstanding islam.
6. but but, all religions have radicals too, yeah that might be true to some extent, but we are talking about islam here so its a mute point.

So basicaly ignore those who try to deflect any observation of the teachings of islam and learn the truth, the koran hadith and surra teach violence, most of the nonviolent verses are abrogated hence non usable (unless muslim is in a weak position to protect themselves until they gain strength to wage jihad on the infidels).

Bit like watching a 2 year old, face covered in chocolate stating quite plainly that they did not eat the chocolate.

Anonymous said...

You can watch the previous video here.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Osama has fled the scene.

I wonder what he thinks about this video.

It's pretty devastating!!!!!

John 8:24 said...

Repost: As usual CNN is promptly there to rescue Islam from any culpability:

And this is a front page news on both CNN -US and CNN - International editions online.

Please go to the comments section and post some comments there.

Unknown said...

It is sad that the West is not providing a Sharia-free safe place and help for apostates and women trying to get away from Islamic honor-killing. It is sad such evil abuse is tolerated at all.

Kufar Dawg said...

David, do you have a video or article delineating the difference between Islamic Kitman and Al Taqiyya? Islam is the only religion I know of that promotes lying and dishonesty -- as VIRTUES. I wouldn't trust a muslime to tell me the time of day...