Thursday, January 5, 2012

Indian Court Orders Google, Yahoo, and Facebook to Remove all Anti-Islamic Material

Muslims assure us that Islam is compatible with Western values. Meanwhile, they keep trying to destroy Western values.

DAILY MAIL--Social websites including Google and Facebook have been ordered by an Indian court to remove all 'anti-religious' and 'anti-social' content within six weeks.

On Saturday a Delhi Court ordered 22 social networking sites, including Yahoo and Microsoft, to wipe the objectionable and defamatory contents and file compliance reports by February 6, 2012.

Additional Civil Judge Mukesh Kumar passed the order on a suit filed by Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi seeking to restrain the websites from circulating objectionable and defamatory contents.

Qasmi had objected to a number of images on the websites which he complained would cause 'irreparable loss and injury to the people who are offended by them'.

He argued that some of the images defamed Hindu gods, Prophet Mohammed and other religious figures, India Today website reported.

The order will raise serious questions about how users' posts and opinions will be edited, censorship and freedom of expression.

On December 22 Judge Kumar had issued summonses to the social networking sites, demanding they remove photographs, videos or texts that might offend religious sentiments, the Hindustan Times website reported.

The order comes a day after a criminal court issued summonses to the sites for facing trial for allegedly webcasting objectionable contents.

Santosh Pandey, appearing for complainant Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi, told The Hindu Times after the court hearing that the websites have to submit a report to the court by February 6 describing the action they had taken to remove the contents from the websites.

Representatives of Yahoo India Pvt Ltd and Microsoft told the court that they had not got copies of the order and complaint against them, but Qasmi's counsel told the court that he would supply the relevant documents to them, according to the Hindustan Times.

The order comes at a controversial time as IT minister Kapil Sibal had recently discussed with representatives of some of the companies ways to guarantee the offensive contents are not posted. (Read more.)

But this shouldn't be surprising:


Anonymous said...

Do any of these US-based companies actually have to comply? I would think that they are out of India's jurisdiction.

Baron Eddie said...

This is really a shallow way of solving a big problem ...

why don't they try to find out why this killing all over the world? and try to stop it instead shuting the mouth of people!

the link I put that shows the bombs that hit Shiaa areas in Iraq where 72 people killed! ...

What a crime ...

Shiaa get bombed because they are Kufar!

Christians get bombed because they are Kufar!

Ahmadi get bombed because they are Kufar!

Alawi get bombed because they are Kufar!

Allah likes only Sunni !

thanks David for the 3 stages video and I passed it around and the pamphlet too ...

Anonymous said...

Islam is vulnerable to the truth. They can't allow an open discussion or people will leave Islam in droves.

Anonymous said...

The most common symptom of the totalitarian mindset: a thin skin.

Traeh said...

I read the pamphlet/flyer. Great article. I'm going to try to print it out at work and make copies. Not for work, but to leave elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

geez is islam a religion for cowards who can;t stand up to critics and resort to this method?

If your religion is true it should be able to stand a intellectual discussion with others but as we see the on this site the number of logical fallcies commited on this site is hilarious.

betwixt said...


David, do you back up your blog? Considering the recent deletion of similar blogs, please do so:

"How to Backup and Restore Blog Using Export

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D335 said...

what's next? are they gonna sue hollywood for introducing violence in indian bollywood movies?

they could perform ISP blockade to google yahoo and facebook, for Indians accessing in their network area.


What’s about anti-Christian material?
Who is going to shut the mouth of that barking dog (Naked Naik )?

Samuel Green said...

This is an excellent video and idea but I think that an important aspect of jihad has been left out; that is the jihad against Muslims.

Qur'an 2:278-279, 9:73, 33:60-61, 49:9, 66:9 all command the "righteous/true" Muslims to make war on the "hypocrite" Muslims. You are considered a hypocrite if you do not follow every aspect of the shariah, do not join in the offensive jihad or question Muhammad.

I believe this aspect of jihad must be included in our explanation to the world because it helps to explain why Muslims attack Muslims.

For a detailed article on this go to