Monday, January 16, 2012

Hassan Nisar: The Ummah vs. the West


simple_truth said...

Yep, that's so true. Muslims don't even think twice about their double standards and ungratefulness. They treat the West as if they are entitled. I am just hoping that one of these days, before it's too late, the West spits back.

We really need to support those few lone voices that have an avenue to counter those long, tired, and worn out Islamic lies and attitudes towards the West.

Osama Abdallah said...


An Egyptian Coptic Priest, on Al-Jazeera, gave a CD with proofs and admissions from the Coptic Church in Egypt stating that around 50,000 Christian Coptics embrace Islam every year! The Priest refuted the lie that Egyptian Copts are being forced into Islam:

Osama Abdallah

WhatsUpDoc said...

He is the second most hated Journalist in Pakistan. The top hated is Najir Naji He goes a step further than him.

Nimochka said...

Amen to every word that this fellow said! As an immigrant to the West from the Middle East I totally share his view. I even can tell of my own experience since having come from Iran I know how shamefully and cruelly Afghani immigrants and war refugees are treated in Iran.

They have ZERO rights and even if they marry an Iranian citizen and live and work hard and honorably for many many years in Iran in hardest jobs imaginable and have children born and raised in Iran they still have very little to no chance of becoming an Iranian citizen, open a bank account or own a business in Iran. They are always treated like trash and used only a little bit better than outright slaves!

But yet I have seen time and time again these same Afghanis when they move to the Christian West and are treated with respect and gentleness and are given rights they never even had in their owen country much less in other Muslim countries they still curse the "infidel" Westerners and think themselves and their fellow Muslims from other countries better than the Westerners who treat them so kindly and so well!

It is an amazing phenomenon and it always baffles me even though I do know the reasons for it and understand the role islam and its deviant teachings play in this heartless ungratefulness of theirs, but i still cannot understand how their hearts don't melt and their minds don't blow when they see so much courtesy, decency, generosity, tolerance and forbearance in Western people!

One would they will take a step back and reexamine their biases and prejudices and rethink their own arrogance and sense of superiority in the face of so much glaring evidence to their unfoundedness! But no! They keep on hating and keep on prejudicing and will never learn and as a result they are ruining the West!!! Very painful to watch!!!!

Brigitte said...

a.k.a. The Ummah vs. 21stC Humanity.

Nobody but everybody said...

And still all Moslems will say the West and the Jews are the faces of Satan ? I still don't get it how ?

kenmehms said...

Osama don't be so naive. The priest was either threatened or it is someone pretending to be a priest. Muslim propaganda knows no bounds.

TAREK said...

Hello brothers and sisters!

To Mr. Osama
Osama Abdallah said...

An Egyptian Coptic Priest, on Al-Jazeera, gave a CD with proofs and admissions from the Coptic Church in Egypt stating that around 50,000 Christian Coptics embrace Islam every year! The Priest refuted the lie that Egyptian Copts are being forced into Islam:

Mr. Osama please respond to point do not divert when you are caught hand in pocket.
There is a video from the same Al-Jezeera of two imams testifying of the conversion of 6 millions muslims to Christianity every year. For your own information I'm from Africa and I want you to check over the internet and see how many Algerians muslims are leaving islam Info from the government webside? Please respond.
You like going out topic which is typical of you. Now I need to follow you down that path by asking simple questions. To whom is your allah praying to?
I work in the medical field (one of my colleagues from the arab world has just abandon islam to embrace Christianity. A medical Dr. I just gave him the following verse from the quran sura 23 aya 14). Thus. I'd like to ask you the following question as well; which research came up with such theory?
And the last point to you can you tell us if you can a fridge in a bottle?
Come on Mr. Osama let me know that you have brain in your head and not potatoes and water.


simple_truth said...

Osama Abdallah said...


An Egyptian Coptic Priest, on Al-Jazeera, gave a CD with proofs and admissions from the Coptic Church in Egypt stating that around 50,000 Christian Coptics embrace Islam every year! The Priest refuted the lie that Egyptian Copts are being forced into Islam:

Osama, you have as much credibility as a liar who always claims that he doesn't lie or a thief who never claims to steal. Sure some Christians convert to Islam; but, I can tell you that it is not without some compulsion, specifically when in Islamic controlled areas where lots of pressure is put on non-Muslims to accept Islam in order to get better living standards, opportunities, less oppression, etc.

You expect me to be stupid enough to believe some Islamic propaganda like what you are presenting. I would hope that you had more brains than that.

Baron Eddie said...

@ Osama Abdallah

this man is not a priest ...

he made himself a bishop ...

can you give us the whole interview?

Why a priest (as you say) is proud that 50,000 Christian Coptics embrace Islam every year!

Can you give us a copy of this CD?

It looks the date of that video is in year 2008 ...

So by now all Christian are Muslims now! ... ha ha ha

minoria said...

Segment 1

As for me I say the evidence is Islam is false,check this out:


I have just seen a documetary about the "Shroud of Turin:New Evidence"

1.We all know that it was analyzed and they said the cloth was from the time of the Middle Ages,not 2,OOO years ago.

2.But now serious scientists of the original research team say the dating is wrong.

3.It has been demonstrated,this is no longer a theory,that a Portion of Cloth from the Middle Ages was woven into the Shroud.

minoria said...

Segment 2

1.And that by bad luck THAT was the cloth of the Shroud analyzed by Carbon 14 by 3 different laboratories.

2.It turns out NOT ALL the cloth sample taken was used,the original scientists CONSERVED some Shroud cloth.

3.Later,years later,due to arguments by 2 amateurs,they decided,not thinking it was true,to test the cloth....and yes,they discovered some of the cloth had been ADDED to the original Shroud,falsifying the results.

minoria said...

Segment 3

1.Now they want to have ANOTHER testng of the Shroud,but the Catholic Church does nothing.

2.One thing is sure,all the scientists agree the Shroud is NOT a painting,it REALLY covered a MAN.

The question is,how old is the cloth?

minoria said...

Segment Four

1.The cloth is certainly that of a Caucausian man,like Jesus.

2.Assuming it goes all the way back to the 1st century,it could REALLY,really be that of Jesus.

The Customs of the Romans

a.They threw crucified victims into a common grave,they weren't given a decent burial.

b. 50,000 to 100,000 Jews were themselves crucified by the Romans in the first century.

Source for the statistic:

minoria said...

Segment 5

1.Josephus Flavius tells us an exception was made in Jerusalem,letting crucified victims be buried honorably.

2.We know in a few other cases in other parts of the Empire cruciifed victims were allowed a decent burial.


"Then even IF the Shroud is from the 1st Century is could be that of ANY CRUCIFIED victim who was given a decent burial"

minoria said...

Segment Six

We KNOW the Romans

1.Had nails go through the victims.

2.We also know they flogged the victims,though it is not know if it was always.

3.The Shroud CERTAINLY shows a man who was FLOGGED and pierced.

The Detail that Astounds.

The Shroud shows the man had had his head pierced by a crown of sharp objects,like thorns.There is no doubt.

minoria said...

Segment 7

The thing is the Romans NEVER,according to our evidence,never,ever,had the CUSTOM of piercing crucifixion victims with CROWNS of THORNS

Flogging yes,nails,yes,but crowning with thorns was NOT part of the crucifixion ritual.

The only likely candidate would be the Historical Jesus.Here is the documentary,by the Discovery Channel,with interviews of the scientists:

ALSO AN INTERVIEW OF BARRIE SCWHORTZ,Jewish,not a believer in Jesus,of the original research team,who believes it could be that of Jesus

minoria said...

Segment Eight

I almost forgot to add that he Shroud shows the body's side was pierced,there is a SIDE WOUND


Listen,that event only appears in JOHN and IF the shroud if from 2,OOO years ago,then considering the CROWN of THORNS,the SIDE WOUND would prove Jesus DIED

Listen to Barrie Schwortz talk about the side wound of the Shroud:

He says the man of the Shroud was DEAD.


Where does that leave SHABIR ALLY and RAYMOND BROWN who say the side wound incident was all invented by a forgerer who said he was an EYEWITNESS of it all?

Tatersalad said...

So this is the Islamic Religion of Peace?