Sunday, January 15, 2012

CAIR: Muslim Mafia

Click here if you haven't read the book.


Olaf said...

Hi David.
Nice work you're doing here, I'm a big fan.
Want to ask you something but can't find any email adress on your website.
Are you ok with me working on a translation/adaptation of your 3 stages of jihad video in french ? I intend to have it published on the frenc canadian Poste de Veille website.


David Wood said...

Sure. Do whatever you want with it.

david said...

Mr David. People do appreciate your diligent work. I recently saw the efforts of you and your pals in a video in Dearborn, michigan. With the gospel and seen the way you all were treated. That is shameful of those folks If you did not know the Dearborn michigan city calendar has some unusual dates. Feb 5th prophets Brithday,july 21th Ramadan begins, Aug 19th Ramadan ends Eid-Al-Fith,Oct 26th Eid-AlAdha,Nov 24th Day of Ashura. can city governments do such things.

Olaf said...

Tx ! I'll keep you informed !

Olaf said...

And here it is !

Tx David !