Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"All-American Muslim" Stars Busted for Marijuana Possession at Canadian Border

Yes, two cast members of TLC's "All-American Muslim" were busted while crossing the Canadian border. The border officer caught the pair with nine grams of "the chronic" (a.k.a. "cannabis," "giggle weed," "ganja," "dope," "wacky tobacky," "grass," "indo," "the herb," "Mary Jane," etc.).

Wow. If this was another desperate attempt to show us that Muslims really are "just like everyone else" . . . Genius!

Apparently, it is notoriously easy to get a "medical marijuana" card in Michigan. However, can anyone who watched "All-American Muslim" point to anyone on the show who displayed any symptoms that would require a sack of pot for a short trip to Canada?

Kind of boring to even report this. But it's more interesting than anything that ever happened on the show.

DETROIT FREE PRESS--Two reality TV stars from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” show found some real life drama at the Ambassador Bridge recently: Authorities said they were caught with pot at the border.

It happened on New Year’s Day, according to Ron Smith, spokesman for Customs and Border Protection in Detroit.

Smith told the Free Press today that two cast members of the TLC reality show were caught with 9 grams of marijuana in the trunk while trying to cross into the U.S. from Windsor. The cast members – a man and a woman -- were not named by authorities. One of them, Smith said, had a medical marijuana card, although federal law does not recognize the card.

TLC declined to comment.

According to Smith, the two travelers had to pay a $500 civil fine for failing to declare the bag of weed to border agents.

He explained how it all went down:

At the first checkpoint after crossing the bridge, an officer decided to pull the two passengers over for inspection after asking them a series of routine questions. The officer, Smith noted, did not recognize the travelers from the TV show.

“Some officers will look in a lot of trunks. This officer picked their trunk to look in,” Smith said.

But inside the inspection area, Smith said, some officers and bystanders recognized the pair from the show. During the inspection, an officer checked the trunk and found a weed-like substance in a small bag – enough to roll about 10 joints.

The travelers were released because, as Smith explained, nine grams of marijuana doesn’t warrant prosecution.

“This wasn’t a criminal matter, it was a civil matter,” Smith said, adding. “It’s very hard to get someone to prosecute for something that small.” (Source)

This just in: TLC may be changing the station's name to THC. But isn't that "The History Channel"?

BTW, can anyone imagine a Muslim version of Cheech and Chong?


Lauren Janell said...

Wow, and muslims love to bullsh*t people, tying to make themselves seem perfect. This is hilarious

BayouCoyote said...

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the koranimals go for the 4:20...

Tom ta tum Tom said...

It was put there by Mossad! Of COURSE! It's a Zionist plot! No, wait... it was put there by LOWE'S! That's right! It was a home-improvement conspiracy!'

No, no... it was put there by Allahu Tokesmoor! He's the greatest deceiver of all! And their embarrassment was the will of Allahu! Way to go, Allahu-bayyybie! You sure showed them! That's what they get for being expert / textpert / choking smokers who didn't think the Joker would laugh at them (ha ha ha, hee hee hee)

Allahu Tokesmoor!
Allahu Tokesmoor! [goo goo ga joob]

Deleting said...

They must have left their hookah on the front to their Quran that 'doesn't teach violence'...
I'm ashamed to admit i even watch a part of that episode...*cring*...

Mad Dog Gazza said...

I believe the word you're looking for should be hashish. The arselifters have a thing for it, don't they?

Radical Moderate said...

They where targeted, discriminated against becasue they were Muslims.

Hey they can do a cross over series. All AMerican Muslims meets, COPS or US BORDER PATROL.

kiwimac said...

Cheech and Chong are still funny. They were mandatory viewing back in my 'Stoner' days!

search 4 truth said...

This is the CIA posing as Muslims or planting the Pot on them. They are Muslims and couldnt be behind this. Those sneaky CIA and Mossad agents are trying to make Islam look bad again!

Anonymous said...

But they insist that your convert to marry a Muslim woman, get rid of your dog, and fast during Ramadan even if you don't want too. So they are pretty selective about what rules they obey while demanding others to toe the line.

Ray said...

all part of their Taquiyya game they're playing on half the nation.

You remember the 19 'fanatic' Islamic Allah loving hijackers who spent most of their free time here chasing American skirt and drugs and drinking as well at strip joints aptly portrayed in some Sopranos episodes after 911.

Supposedly three things among an endless list of modern day things they're supposedly not allowed to indulge as followers of the Head pedophile.

But terrorism, killing Jews and Christians for fun, beheadings, stonings, you know, that stuff's all ok though.

Joe Bradley said...

Informed sources state that they were yelling "Allah Snackbar" as they were being led off in handcuffs.

michaeldkaster said...

I am deisappointed in you David. I have lost some respect for you. I cannot believe you posted that foul video.
You are a very well talented writer and could have made your point just fine without using such an immature video.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

David, I am SO proud of you!

When I kneel at the throne of Grace, I pray that it will be my privilege to meet some of your mentors and some of your loved-ones who have inspired you and who have helped you to arrive at this point in your walk of faith. You contribute SO much and you bless SO many with this blog - I don't take time often enough to say "THANK YOU!!"

And, unlike "michaeldkater", I really enjoy your sense of humor. I just pray that I can get work again soon enough to be able to financially support your work and the work of ABN. I like the way you make most of us laugh. I'm willing to support that financially.

You gave us a chance. If we fail to make good on the opportunity you've given to us then - you can't be blamed -but you gave us a chance.

You have been articulate but plain-spoken. You've been wonderfully humorous but serious in your intent and in all things you have pointed the way to the Cross of Jesus Christ. By no means could I ask more from you except to plead that you will carry on. Please, please don't stop.

May Jesus Christ be praised...

Joe Bradley said...

michaeldkater, lighten up. This is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time. By the way - as a little known fact, Cheech Marin's dad was a cop for the L.A.P.D. and he loved this film.

michaeldkaster said...

@ Tom
You are wrong to say "unlike" me. I too enjoy David's humor. I too have much praise for what David does through his ministry.
However in this instance I believe he goofed.
Using that video to make his point in no way brought glory to our Lord.
No true Christian WANTS to watch such a video, let alone NEED it to get the point.

Brother C.L said...

You forgot Lye, tree's, scud, dank, cheeba, and stank I have been told :|

Anonymous said...

not surprising want to know why? afghan farmers plant opium poppies and use the cash to fund terrorist. was on the news last year on nine msn. osama can;t wiggle out of this one when people are caught red handed and american troops are actually trying to stop people planting opium