Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why Dogs Bark in Graveyards


Cristo Te Ama said...

Whta i find really funny is that in Islam if a muslim doesn't like what this Hadith say, they just have to say this is a false hadith created by Jews, so they won't have to believe their prophet said this nonsense.
PS: Am i the only one who finds Islam filled with all kind of superstitions?

WhatsUpDoc said...

Maybe one of the Muslim guys here can explain. If the angels start to carryout punishments in the grave shortly after death than whats the point of "Judgement day"

D335 said...


"PS: Am i the only one who finds Islam filled with all kind of superstitions?"

you serious ? after the breast feeding fatwa polemic? No you are never alone :)

goethechosemercy said...

Their superstition is more reminiscent of polytheism and employs magical thinking, recitation, incantation.
Everything that monotheism questioned is upheld in Islam.
It is not a monotheism and it is not Abrahamic.
Not at all.


Islam is full of fantasy stories, lots of rubbish. God Bless and have a cool Christmas & Happy New Year.

Arno said...

Perhaps a decibel reader could be put to good use at a graveyard.

Probably the incessant barking at Muslim graveyards that drove Muhammed to have all dogs killed.

Tom ta tum Tom said...


"It is not a monotheism and it is not Abrahamic. Not at all."

Thank you! It's SO good to see someone writing that! The work of David and Sam and Robert and Pamela and BNI and Caroline Glick and so many other wonderful freedom fighters is not in vain.

There is hope. Christ Jesus was/is the ultimate statement of Hope but you and the freedom lovers here and our precious leaders (a partial list of them named above) are a further sign that our Beloved Heavenly Father really does love us.

He hasn't given up on us - not yet. So, if The One Eternal in Christ has not yet given up on the human race, if He has not yet abandoned us to our own sins - then I think we are honoring Him in our struggle to rebuke the pseudo-prophet of Islam.

So, THANK YOU for your presence here and for your simple but very powerful statement of fact. No, Islam is NOT Abrahamic and it does not know The Only Living God as Lord.

And I hope to live to see those facts published across the world in every language. But even writing what you've written - even once - means that Islam has not yet won.

There is hope.

KAFIR and Grateful To God in Christ!

Hakim said...

I walked my dog in a graveyard last week...she never barked....maybe because it was a Christian cemetery? nobody was being tortured!!!

Anonymous said...

Did Christianity teach to judge others? I am Muslim and you are Christian..I do not judge your belief nor should you judge what others..tell me what is the point of argument? If you simply do not have anything that would be good to say, then better to not say anything at all right?