Thursday, December 22, 2011

James White: The Gospel for Muslims


Seam_on_Us said...

Amazing! However, I do want to point out something in a different light.

Given the analogy presented, and the words of Jesus to Phillip that, "He who has seen Me has seen the Father," and also that, "I and the Father are One," I think it is more appropriate to say that it is the Judge who willingly took the punishment upon Himself.

God bless you Dr. White!

Anonymous said...

Amen James an excellent and very clear presentation of the Gospel to our Muslim friends. May God open their hearts and eyes so they may see the truth of what was said.

andy bell said...

I'm not an expert on style or fashion or anything. But Pastor White....please don't ever sport a beard. I hate beards.

You look a lot younger and spiffier clean shaven.

This is not how I'm used to seeing you.

Kometa77 said...

what a wonderful message!!!
what a difference between God, the true God of love and islam Allah...

Ken said...

Which debate was this against Sami Zatari ?

I only know of one and it was "Jesus, Divine Son of God or prophet of Allah ? "

the subject here seems to be salvation.

It doesn't look like the one I have linked to above. The subject matter seems different also.

simple_truth said...

Thanks for posting this, David.

Salvation in Islam is cheapened by combining self righteous works with Allah's injustice, as Dr. White pointed out.

I do wonder to those Muslims who claim to have read and understood the Gospel of Jesus how they can't see the vast gulf between the Bible and the Qu'ran. Even if they don't want to agree with the Bible, they must at lest confess that their is a vast gulf, or if not vast, at least, a gulf.