Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Huffington Post Hate Crime Fizzles (Aisha Khan Found Safe)

Several months ago, Anders Breivik killed dozens of Norwegian teenagers. Shortly after the attack, a Muslim terrorist group claimed responsibility. Following this admission of guilt, I put together a blog post suggesting that the evidence pointed towards Islamic terrorism. Of course, the terrorist group was only lying. However, both I and everyone else who suspected Muslims were condemned for our "Islamophobia." Apparently, anyone who believes Muslims when they claim responsibility is a racist. The "tolerant" thing to do is to automatically assume Muslims are lying. Quite a paradox.

So what happens when the tables are turned, and the liberal media cry "Islamophobia" and "Hate Crime" when no such thing has occurred?

In a recent Huffington Post article about Islamophobia and the Lowe's controversy, Daniel Tutt drew his readers' attention to two vicious hate crimes against Muslims--clear proof that Islamophobia is rampant and spreading:

In the background of this grassroots work, two tragic events have taken place, which reveal the real world "human impact" of Islamophobia. In Kansas City, a young Muslim college student, Aisha Khan has gone missing after complaining to her family of a drunken man harassing her. In Houston, Texas a Muslim man named Yaqub Bham was severely beaten in what family members are calling a hate crime. These events show the urgency of the problem at hand.

What evidence did Tutt have to support his claims? A Muslim student went missing after a drunken man harassed her. Tutt sees this as clear proof that Khan was abducted by anti-Muslim bigots (probably those who regularly visit Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs). And a Muslim man's family is calling an attack a "hate crime." Tutt doesn't bother questioning this assessment at all.

Now for the reality check. Aisha Khan wasn't abducted at all. ABC News reported this morning:

Aisha Khan, the 19-year-old Kansas college student missing for nearly a week has been found safe and unharmed, according to ABC News' Kansas City affiliate KMBC.

Overland Park Police Officer Brian Schnavel said that Khan was not abducted or held against her will, according to KMBC.

Schnavel said no criminal act occurred.

Will Tutt apologize for falsely accusing Americans of a hate crime against a Muslim girl? We can only hope.

As for Tutt's other example of Islamophobia, the evidence isn't in yet. However, based on the reports so far, the man who committed the attack seems to be insane. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Yaqub Bham's visit to a residence in Tomball on Wednesday was supposed to be routine for the 61-year-old ADT salesman, who had come to inspect a client's property before installing a home security system.

Instead, the homeowner, David L. Nienberg, allegedly tried to stab Bham with a fork, bit off part of his ear, and beat him so badly that he broke 10 ribs.

Nienberg, 42, of Tomball, is charged with aggravated assault. If convicted, he could serve from two to 20 years in prison.

Bham's distraught family members want the incident investigated as a possible hate crime against Bham, a Muslim native of Pakistan who became an American citizen in 2007.They say an agitated Nienberg became violent after asking Bham about the origin of his name and where he was from.

Harris County sheriff's deputies who responded to a 911 call from Nienberg's family about 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday did not mention the questions about Bham's name and origins in their report, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

Gilliland said Nienberg apparently became angry while reviewing the contract for a security system in his four-bedroom home on Everhart Pointe Drive. When Bham offered to make another contract, or change it, "the defendant took the backpack that Mr. Bham had and wouldn't give him the backpack, which contained the keys to his vehicle," Gilliland said.

The two men's verbal disagreement then became physical, the deputy said.

Nienberg lunged at Bham with a fork, Gilliland said he was told. Relatives took the implement away, but Nienberg allegedly managed to get Bham in a choke hold, beat him, and bite him while muttering about military operations.

When deputies arrived, Nienberg refused to let go of Bham until they "secured the perimeter" and "secured women personnel," Gilliland said.

It took three deputies to pull Nienberg off Bham, he said. They deployed Tasers on Nienberg twice, and even then, the furious man continued to kick and spit after they wrestled him into a patrol car, said Gilliland.

For all I know, Nienberg may be a vicious hate-monger. But we don't know that based on any evidence yet. All we know is that he bit part of a man's ear off and bit the man's tongue, while rambling about securing a perimeter, just before being tased by police. Nienberg sounds either crazy or under the influence of drugs. If further evidence should surface indicating that he attacked Bham due to his ethnicity or religious beliefs, I will gladly condemn him for bigotry. In the meantime, I don't see any evidence of Islamophobia.

But Daniel Tutt does, and we should find this incredibly disturbing. Tutt doesn't want a missing girl to be found unharmed. He wants her to be the victim of Islamophobia. Tutt doesn't want a Pakistani man to be the victim of an attack by a lunatic. He wants him to be the victim of an Islamophobe.

Tutt and his liberal colleagues, who somehow manage to see bigotry and Islamophobia wherever they look, are the same reporters who tell us that Lowe's succumbed to anti-Muslim bigotry. But if a reporter is wearing red-colored glasses, how can we believe him when he says, "This store is red"?


Greenconsciousness said...

But they said the Aisha thing is now a family matter -- WTF??? She was married off to a non citizen - bought for a green card. Family matter??? Forced marriage -- arranged marriages to circumvent immigration rules a family matter?? Now, after her obvious cry for help, it is a family matter?? Thanks again patriarchal law enforcement. What if they are treating her as a slave? The selling of Muslim girls to men who want citizenship is a big scandal ignored as all immigration crimes are by both parties. The only Muslim "hate crimes" we have to worry about in this country are those practiced by Muslim men against women.

andy bell said...

Speaking of attacks. I wonder how this beating on Tommy Robinson of the EDL will be spinned.

Nothing to do with islam, move along folks,....religion of peace. Religion of peace. NEXT.

FreedomRocks76 said...

The ugly fact most want to ignore is that Hate Crimes against Muslims are rare while events against Jews are common and growing.

As the Left has embraced Islamist extremism for it's anti-Western bias their natural antisemitism becomes more prevalent.

Splooie said...

"...Islamophobia, which is a fear of Islam. Ok, accurate." --Jim Norton

1GOD99Names said...

the sad thin is that the only reason all the writer is doing is giving his point of view. Biased but his view, As Greenconsciousness is so complaining about is also not true. If his child had been missing after stating she had been harassed would he not have called the police, what if it had been an Arab harassing her, would he called out Muslim Terrorist took my child then she was just being a teen, it would have been JUST A FAMILY MATTER TOO,think ppl