Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fifty-Three Pakistani Students Rescued from Muslim "Torture Cell" (i.e. "School")

I would comment on this school, but anything I say will be branded "racist," "bigoted," and "Islamophobic." As everyone knows, all cultures and all practices are equal. No one should be judging others, even for torturing children. So I'll just keep quiet this time.

KARACHI--Pakistani police said Tuesday they had rescued 53 students, including children as young as seven, who had been chained in the basement of a madrassa raided by security forces in the port city of Karachi.

Former students including an eight-year-old told AFP they were regularly beaten at the school, which was equipped with chains, hooks and a warren of basement rooms. The head of an education federation called it a "torture cell".

Police said 21 teenagers were among those found during the raid on the self-styled seminary in Pakistan's biggest city, used by the United States to ship supplies to troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Two children aged seven and another aged about eight were among those rescued, Naeem Akram, deputy inspector general of Karachi police, told AFP.

Madrassas, which provide the poorest families with the only education they can afford, are not tightly regulated in Pakistan and have served as recruitment grounds for the Taliban and other Al-Qaeda-linked terror groups. (Read more.)


Joe Bradley said...

And they will grow up to be more violent irrational adults to populate Islam.

GreekAsianPanda said...


My classmates complain that they hate school, and they complain that their parents bring them to church sometimes. They have no idea what "bad school" is, and they have no idea what it is like for religion to be forced upon them.

A copy of this article should be taped to all their lockers.

Koala Bear said...

@GreekAsianPanda - Church is nothing like a Madrassa so how dare you make a comparison to this revolting child abuse!

Koala Bear said...

This appeared on a UK paper website yesterday but was removed already.


The comments did make me laugh out loud:-

She has clearly never read a single islamic book:

Send them over to me. I will look after them. I converted to islam 6 months ago. My religion does NOT order you to treat children harshly. My children, chat, kiss and cuddle with everyone they meet. They are happy, relaxed and at ease. They eat sweets and watch cartoons like any ordinary child. My religion is a wonderful religion which I love deeply but it has its bad ambassadors like any other religion. I love the people of Afghanistan. They have a particularly difficult existence. Their faces, I find, are among the purest, most beautiful on earth. They are very poor and humble. I'm sure God has reserved them a unique place in the Hereafter. Peace be upon you.
- Isobel, At home, 13/12/2011 12:57

Does he not know that there was the friends of his 6 year old wife???

Thank you to the authorities for closing this 'prison'. Islam has nothing to do with this and it just goes to show how mentally retarded people are thinking that they are doing this sort of thing in the name of religion. Poor kids, what a horrid start to their innovcent lives. To these idiots, I want to say one thing on how much the prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, loved children - Children used to play around the prophet whilst he was in deep prayer and he allowed this to happen as kids are kids and he forbade anybody to hit children. Therefore these people who imprison children or any other age group to push their agenda are wrong and do not represent me nor islam.
- Mohammed Chaudhry, British Expat in Saudi Arabia, 13/12/2011

Foolster41 said...

@Koala Bear:
While GAP has indeed apologized for muslims in the past, that's not what GAP is saying at all.

"They have no idea what "bad school" is, and they have no idea what it is like for religion to be forced upon them."

That is, they don't really know what it's like to have religion forced on them, though they complain about it.

Joe Bradley said...

From the linked article:

"Azmat Ulla, a 17-year-old student, said his father sent him there because he suffered fits and could be violent."

Yeah! This madrassa should fix all of that!

SGM said...

Don’t be surprised. This is the true face of Islam. What else can you expect from a religion that promotes violence, rape, murder, subjugation etc etc. The Islam you see in the West is influenced by Judeo-Christian culture. I guarantee you that if Islam was the dominant religion in the West and Sharia was implemented, you will see the same results. Madrassas in UK are no different even today where kids are beaten and who knows what else goes on there.

This is one of the ways Islam produces suicide bombers by subjugating children and from childhood brain washing them. One thing I noticed in the picture is that all children were male. Could it be that all girls were given in marriage like Mohammad took a six year old girl as bride.

Another thing to notice is that all madrassas are run by Moslem clerics (Mulas). You can only imagine, if their religious leaders are promoting these type of things, what kind of societies are being built in Islamic countries. It is so true that Islam is a seventh century Arabian culture which will never change. You can wash it, dress it up, but it will always go back to its original roots of seventh century culture. I believe that today, Islam is Satan’s biggest trophy. It is its most valuable asset.

May God have mercy on all the children which were rescued from this madrassa.

goethechosemercy said...

Tiny itty bits like these children should be safe in their mothers' arms.
Such youngsters have no place in the school where violence, force, alienation, and pain are the portion!
Only a merciful God and the opprobrium of the rest of the world, will help get these little children into a safe place.
As sinners, we cry "Mercy!" much of the time.
The child has little power to cry for mercy because he is owed it not just when he is wrong, but all the time.

Deleting said...

Koala I don't think that's what GAP was getting at.
She was making a statement that the kids at her school complain about being dragged to church and she was making the remark that this article need to be taped to her classmates lockers...