Saturday, December 17, 2011

Did Umar Break Fatima's Ribs?

Umar ibn al-Khattab was one of Muhammad's closest companions and Sunni Islam's second "Rightly-Guided" Caliph. He was an early convert to Islam, and Muhammad married one of his daughters.

After Muhammad's death, a dispute arose as to who should lead the Muslim community. Most Muslims favored Abu Bakr. However, Muhammad's daughter Fatima sided with her husband Ali.

Unfortunately for Fatima, Umar had learned from Muhammad that disagreements should be settled through violence. When Umar stormed the house where Ali and Fatima were staying, Umar broke Fatima's ribs and caused her to miscarry Muhammad's grandson. She remained sick for several weeks before dying, just months after her father's death.

In the following video, Shaikh al-Habeeb explains why Shia Muslims hate Umar ibn al-Khattab. (Note: al-Habeeb refers to Sunnis as the "Bakri" sect, because they follow Abu Bakr.)


Usama said...

Shaykh Yasir al-Habib!

He's the leading Shia scholar and he blows the Sunni's arguments out of the water.

He refutes the Sunnis who say Mut'ah isn't part of Islam, but he says it is, because IT WAS PRACTICED BY THE PROPHET!

curly said...

Hey everyone,
I am confuse. I though Muslim start to fight each other after Uthman. So, this article, Muslim start to fight after Abu Baker. Please, correct me for more clearly

goethechosemercy said...

Fatima was INNOCENT!

Traeh said...

Do Sunnis agree that Umar broke Fatima's ribs or the like? Is there something to the effect in ahadith accepted by Sunnis?

goethechosemercy said...

If Abu Bakr created this much division and conflict, then he really wasn't much of a leader.
If his religion, his ideology and his message were truly relevant, then they would have survived the loss of their first speaker, Mohammed.
This tells more of the weakness of Islam than its strength.

goethechosemercy said...

What I'm trying to say is that many people grouse about Islam being nothing more than a 7th century cult.
But even in the 7th century, it was still primitive, still unacceptable to most people.
It looks like the product of a world many centuries before the
7th A.D., and certainly one before Christ and even Moses.
Islam is one of the world's youngest religions, and yet it is the most pre-antique in its perspective on divinity and humanity.

Ken said...

He quoted from three sources about Omar hitting Fatima in the stomach.

What are those sources?
Do Sunnis even recognize those sources?

Is the story even in any of the 6 canonical Hadith Sunni collections or in Al Tabari's history of Islam ?

Andrew M. Greenwell said...

Our good shaykh says we ought to use scientific and objective historical principles to analyze the lives of the caliphs. Let's take that principle and apply it one step back to Muhammad. The same principle that destroys the first few caliphs before Ali destroys Muhammad, as he is as guilty of "mortal sins" as were all his vice regents or caliphs.

Traeh said...

It looks like the product of a world many centuries before the
7th A.D., and certainly one before Christ and even Moses.

Yes, to me it seems in a number of ways like a product of the very ancient near East, but cloaked slightly in some shreds of biblical garb. Reminds me of one of the Assyrian kingdoms in thrall to a brutal tyrannical god, perhaps 3000 years ago.

Kim said...

He learned from Muhammad that disagreements should be settled with violence. ?

What a joke!

Kim said...

So you believe the Taqiyyists. Ok mister.

Foolster41 said...

To kim, "Taqiyyists" means "Muslims I disagree with". I thought there was no such thing in Islam?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of secrets about Islam that you can learn from the Shia and the Sufi's.

Osama Abdallah said...

David Wood,

Ali was one of the sword fighters among the Muslims. Both the Sunnis' and Shias' records testify to this. He was was among the bravest who always stood his ground even when Muslims were in retriet. Do you think that Ali would allow for his wife's rib to be crushed by Umar and leave Umar breathing?

Here is the silencer to your Shias, David:

******* 1- Why did Ali marry his daughter, Umm Kulthum, to Omar? *******

2- Why did Ali take orders from Omar and was sent to fight battles by Omar's commands?

Do you know what your Shaykh Yasir Al-Habib says about the first question? OMAR RAPED UMM KULTHUM BY FORCE! Now let me ask you and your phone shia shaykh this then:

DO YOU THINK the Muslims would've kept silent about this? Do you think Ali could not have summoned enough men to turn Omar's world upside down on him and to even get him crucified right in the center of Madina Square?

Use your brain and examine the evidence for yourselves!

HELL, EVEN IF WE TAKE THE SHIA'S ARGUMENTS TO BE ALL TRUE WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS (which would then make Ali a coward for allowing his daughter to be raped and for his wife's rib to be smashed by THE SAME PERSON and still let him live!!!!)!!
Aren't they today guilty of idol worship and blasphemy?

1- Why should I a Muslim be hated by them today?

2- Why should an Iraqi today, with a name Omar on his ID, be shot to death on the spot by shias?

3- What guilt does any ordinary Muslim bear that he/she must be killed?

4- Why not leave what happened back then to GOD Almighty to sort it all out? After all, aren't they ALL NOW in the Hands of Allah Almighty? If you're not an idol worshiper and a blasphemer and a big SOB, then why would you continue and insist on creating TUMULT among your Muslim brothers and sisters and execute them for BS that most of it is false historical accounts anyway?

I mean, really, who should really give a toilet about what really happened to them back then? IF THEY'RE NOT IDOLIZED, then why should anyone care to this extreme about their history, and kill innocent Muslims for them?

So the point really here should be for the Shias about whether Omar broke Fatima's rib or not: WHO CARES?????? Is this what you shrink Islam to? A soap oprah story that is mostly, if not all, false? Is this what makes a Muslim and a non-Muslim to you, Shias? I say to the Shias: Hell is indeed your Doom, for you are criminals!

I've heard many of the Sunnis and Shias debates on TV. I don't know if you all know/remember this, but for long years on myself, I've always proclaimed that I was just a Muslim! I never liked to be called Sunni or Shia. But after seeing what the Shias are, and hearing their arguments, I make sure that I identify myself as a Sunni Muslim today. The Sunnis don't care about that history. It's the Shias who just don't let go. Hell's Doom is their destiny. They are criminals! They flog themselves with metal chains till blood comes out of their bodies out of hatered to Sunnis. I read a Hadith about the criminals of the black flag will rise and fall from among the Muslims. I'll post this Hadith when I find it, insha'Allah.

Osama Abdallah

islam 101 said...

yassir shayton habib is a rafidah shia scholor who gets disputed all the time by muslims his arguments have no basis and he uses taqiyah(lies)to covewr the thruth

Ayatollah is my d1k said...

"Unfortunately for Fatima, Umar had learned from Muhammad that disagreements should be settled through violence" You disrespected Muhammad PBUH himself so you are not a Muslim but a swine, Let me ask you dumb shia sheep, IF someone broke the ribs of someone like ALI who you believe to be a true Imam, First caliph bla bla, do you think he would have just done nothing?? so by believing this statement you slander Ali by calling him a coward.. shame on you dumb brainless rawafid! No wonder Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangvi are killing you pigs left and right

Unknown said...

Astagfirullah! This man yasser habib shia rafidi didn't blow any Sunni reasoning out of the water. Only uninformed gullible Muslim and biased Non Muslim would believed. All he did is soaking his head deeper into the stinking garbage. When it comes to denigrating Muslim, this rafidi is worse than non Muslim. Michael Hart...a Christian rank Omar( radiallahu anhu) as no. 50 among top 100 men in history...Prophet Muhammad is no.1. But this rafidi masqueriding as promoting the true Islam is saying so many filth thing, lies, slanders against the prominent companions of Prophet Muhammad( Salallahu alaihi wasalam).
It is unthinkable for a man like Ali the 4th Caliph...the greatest warrior of Islam to just sitting there and watching his wife being squeezed between the door and the wall until her unborn child was squeezed out of her belly. Allah for forbid! They considered Ali the the greatest among fact many of them consider him the greater than Prophet Muhammad. Do they not realized how they portrayed Ali in this fabricated hadith? The greatest warrior is reduced to greatest coward in the history of Islam. 47 narrations regarding this so called breaking ribs and you will get 47 conflicting stories coming from this scumbugs which coulnld only mean nothing but LIES. FUCK YOU SHIA!

Hasan Shaikh said...

I think the answer to every question put forth by innocent and brain wash sunnis is available in this encycleopedic site on Umar
umar -ibn- khattab .blogspot. com
(remove the spaces and enter the url)

Muslim said...

If the prophet(saw) wanted Ali(ra) to be his successor, then why did Ali(ra) give his allegiance to Abubakr(ra) and Omar(ra)? Then for whatever reasons he did it, he disobeyed prophet? RIGHT?
whatever you say, you cant make a false right...., peace...

Unknown said...

this filthy pig, Yasser (awlad of a 1 hour mut'ah) hiblib is just angry coz he doesn't know who his real dad is.

Go look up shia majoos jews on youtube and you will find out the filthy belief's these 12'er shia swines have. They are more majoos and jew than they are muslim. They worship the killer of Umar RA called abu lula majoosi, he was a know majoos kaafir yet they call him muslim and worship him. You call that Islam??? 99.9% of the Muslim world certainly doesn't.

They can't even get the Kalima and Adhan right so how can they be muslim.

They believe their imams (like little piggy ayatlulla kameeni are better than all the angels and prophets, even better than Muhammed SAW!!! AstaghfirUllah.

Problem is Persians couldn't take being conquered so they along with their prophet Abdullah ibn Sab'a decided to attack islam from within by pretending to be muslims.

These filthy pigs are roasting Sunni babies in ovens in Iraq, that's why you have groups like ISIL who have gone mad and are just killing all these dogs....

Ali said...

Omar ibnul khattab was the first terrorist in Muslim world. He was the one who started invading non muslim countries against the true spirit of Islam that is to preach and spread the true message of God by love to people. He was the main culprit who deprived the whole ummah for the righteous guided caliphate of rasool s.a.w.w and initiated many new things in religion. He was ignorant about the fiqh, shariah and Islamic laws. He was a short tempered and bad mannered man with bad intentions. Because of his dirty politics Islam is now under the hands of terrorism. If someone wants the fact then please read sunni history books without prejudice and see what that dirty man has done for the destruction of Islam.

Winston said...

Omar khattab killed Fatima daughter of Muhammad PBOH, there is no doubt about it.

Unknown said...

may allah burn you in hell for saying this dumb stuff. shias get on my nerves. Why would omar do something like that to the prophets cousin